[At-Large] U.S. seizure of .ORG domain name

Bill Silverstein icann-list at sorehands.com
Thu Feb 3 07:12:37 UTC 2011

I have objections to ICE and their reliability.

1. Ice fails to attempt to enforce immigration laws that they are required
to enforce, such as employer inspections.

2. That it seems as though ICE ignores the principles of due process. That
the US government talks about, and even preaches, individual rights.
However, they have violated the law regarding individual rights (See

I don't object to proper, court supervised process - ie. a lawsuit and
resulting seizure.

> I'd have no objection if ICE had used GoDaddy as the route to take
> down the site. Registrants have choice.  TLD is different.
> My comment "this isn't a legal action, there has been no court case,
> no due process." was extreme.  I've no idea what process has been
> followed.
> Adam
>>  >>> Rojadirecta is a popular sports streaming and P2P download site.
>>>>>  Rojadirecta is a legitimate Spanish business. Two Spanish courts
>>>>> have
>>>>>  ruled the site operates legally.
>>I'm not a big fan of ICE, but if, as I understand, rojadirecta used a US
>>registrar and a US proxy service for their domain name, why does anyone
>>think Spanish law applied to the use of their name?
>>Nobody claims that ICE has tried to shut down their operations outside
>> the
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