[At-Large] RES: Proposed statement of the ALAC regarding the current situation in Egypt

Lutz Donnerhacke lutz at iks-jena.de
Wed Feb 2 09:04:18 UTC 2011

* Adam Peake wrote:
> Anyway, a question from technical ignorance (as 
> usual :-)). Are there technical implications for 
> the rest of the Internet to causing ASs to become 
> unreachable?  The ISOC note covers some issues, 
> but from ICANN/IANA perspective is this a bad 
> thing.  If yes, ICANN should comment, as should 

There is an ICANN related aspect with revocation of IP addresses from the
global routing as happend in Egypt. The IP addresses given out to the LIRs
there are assigned within a policy which requires a useage pattern. By
revoking the addresses from the BGP routing, the claimed use pattern is
violated and therefore the assignment is not longer permitted.

>From the policy point of view (ICANN's remit), the addresses can be claimed
back and reassigned at other companies. In the light of shortage of legcay
address space, we can't waste IP addresses, but require them to be reused as
soon as possible to keep the internet growing and stable.

> impact on the global Internet, once all TLDs are 
> DNSSEC signed such blocking might cause problems. 

Ack. Blocking is an attack pattern detected by DNSSEC.

But it is unrelated to ICANN, despite the fact, that domains without
reachable DNS servers does not match the delegation requirments and can be
revoked by the registry (following the ICANN policies).

So I'd like to propose the following statement:

Despite it's clearly a sovereign decision of a national state to cut
communication channels with the outside world, such a decision has
consequences for the political, economic, and private sector. ICANN's remit
is to keep the Internet - the leading communication network today - stable.
Following ICANN's policy, it's not allowed to keep global identifiers for
the purpose of communication while refusing to communicate. ICANN urges the
gouvernmental, economic, and private parties to give back there
communication identifiers like domain names and IP addresses or restart
the necessary communication quickly.

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