[At-Large] ICANN's Board and GAC to Meet on New gTLDs on 28 February and 1 March 2011

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Sat Jan 22 13:25:47 UTC 2011

>  > Papers to inform the discussions will be published prior to the meeting.
>There are prior ALAC statements which can be sharpened as
>informational papers.


GAC Communique might provide a table of contents for any input 
<http://gac.icann.org/system/files/Cartagena_Communique.pdf>, namely:

* The objection procedures including the requirements for governments 
to pay fees;
* Procedures for the review of sensitive strings;
* Root Zone Scaling;
* Market and Economic Impacts;
* Registry/Registrar Separation;
* Protection of Rights Owners and consumer protection issues;
* Post-delegation disputes with governments;
* Use and protection of geographical names;
* Legal recourse for applicants;
* Providing opportunities for all stakeholders including those from 
developing countries;
* Law enforcement due diligence recommendations to amend the 
Registrar Accreditation Agreement as noted in the Brussels 
Communique; and
* The need for an early warning to applicants whether a proposed 
string would be considered controversial or to raise sensitivities 
(including geographical names).

(Some are govt specific issues, and some like registry/registrar 
separation are a request for the board to explain a decision not 
necessarily reverse it, root scaling and economic studies I think 
also more about providing better information rather than discussion 
of board's decisions.)

I hope the ALAC will also ask what ICANN expects to happen after the 
intersessional meeting: is the board considering to adopting a final 
guidebook in San Francisco, or will it postpone to a teleconference 
(or later) and just use the meeting for comment.


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