[At-Large] A huge day for Internet in Tunisia

Khaled KOUBAA khaled.koubaa at topnet.tn
Thu Jan 20 23:39:13 UTC 2011

> I am fully aware that I have not seen (m)any of the problems of the Tunisian
> internauts, but I think I have enough experience to see things beyond the
> scenery that is proposed to me in the foreground.
I am sure you do have it my friend.
> Last but not least, a word of caution: not always those who claim that they
> are going to change everything have really the intention of doing it. The
> Tunisian Internet community must therefore remain vigilant to check that the
> change is really happening.
I do you agree with.
But just to let you know that already 2 of the actual "Transition 
Government" has Twitter accounts and they began today to tweet their 
days and their work.
It isn't a fascinating change :)

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