[At-Large] A huge day for Internet in Tunisia

Khaled KOUBAA khaled.koubaa at topnet.tn
Thu Jan 20 12:42:43 UTC 2011

Friday 14/01/2011 , Tunisia Independence day :)
A video for you : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeLT2PEmnDI

Le 20/01/2011 13:24, Khaled KOUBAA a écrit :
> Roberto and all,
> For those who don't know Tunisia :
> Tunisia: Small country, great nation. First Arab country that abolished
> slavery in 1848. First Arab country to establish a constitution in 1861.
> First Arab country to abolish polygamy in 1956. First Arab country to
> legalize abortion in 1973. Tunisia is the first Arab country to kick out
> its dictator and this without the help of any foreign nation!
> Today Tunisia has reached a critical and important point in its history
> after succeeding in its revolution. President Ben Ali has left the
> country, and government has collapsed leaving the country in an
> unpredictable situation.
> A new “Coalition Government” has been announced bringing old dissidents
> and Human Rights activists in team with a main focus of preparing a
> democratic transition.
> Friday January 14th 2011, I have been inside the huge protestants in
> front of the ministry of Interior and I witnessed brave people asking
> clearly their dictator to leave.
> Since then Tunisian retrieved their freedom lost many years and began
> interesting politics.
> Young people went on the street asking for more n and more social change
> without being politically coached.
> I have witnessed, and have been part, of the strength of the "real"
> Tunisian Internet community to use Internet and Web 2.0 ( Blogs, Video,
> Facebook, Twitter, … ) to support the revolution and everyday’s riots
> showing to the world what’s happening due to a lack of official local
> media coverage.
> My life has been different during these days : my house is in a hot
> spot; near El Aouina Army Casern and just between the Airport and the US
> Embassy. So I took my wife to her father house, and I stayed alone
> during 5 days. Everything was different each day; night riots with fire
> shooting between protestants and police during the first 2 days , near
> helicopter surveillance between army and snipers belonging to Ben Ali
> Presidential militia during the last 3days.
> I have never felt the importance of the security before that. It was the
> same feeling that had the Tunisian people which led them to go out and
> organize “Population committees” in each city to protect each city from
> Ben Ali militia.
> @ Roberto,
> I want to say that havn't seen the real Internet community but only what
> the old regime want to make you see. You have not seen any of our problems.
> The festival was their to choose a "Miss Net" and not to discuss Net
> Neutrality issue. A word that was forbidden even to be mentioned.
> Tunisian Internet community is free today and will soon show to the
> world what we are capable to accomplish.
> Vive Internet and thank you Vint and Internet pioneers to gave us this
> wonderful tool that helped our revolution.
>   From the free Tunisia
> Khaled Koubaa
> Le 20/01/2011 00:46, Roberto Gaetano a écrit :
>> I had the honour and pleasure to be invited to the "Festival International
>> de l'Internet" in summer 2009, representing the Board of ICANN.
>> I was impressed in particular by a couple of things, that I could witness in
>> practice, and that I could discuss with the people over there.
>> First, the concept that they wanted to bring the internet where people were,
>> not waiting for the people to come where the internet geeks were, and
>> second, the idea that it was not sufficient to bring the internet to the
>> large cities, but that the connectivity had to be extended to reach rural
>> areas.
>> The festival was held in El Kantaoui, a place that is crowded in summer with
>> people on vacation. That addressed the first point: people were there
>> relaxed, had time to browse the stands, and were getting contacted more and
>> better than in a conference hall. I found there people that were
>> enthusiastic about the internet, stands that were dedicated to specific
>> groups of people (I remember in particular a stand for elderly people, where
>> the concept was that they have specific needs that have also to be
>> addressed).
>> All this to say that I was impressed by the potential growth of the internet
>> in Tunisia, the interest that the subject was getting by the population, and
>> the innovative ideas of the organizers. Incidentally, Tijani was part of the
>> organization, and managed to introduce me to a lot of people with whom I had
>> very interesting conversations (besides showing me the place where I could
>> buy the best harissa I have ever had!!!).
>> I am sure that now, with the situation evolving towards more freedom of the
>> media, the internet will see further development. I hope that our friends in
>> Tunisia (Khaled? Tijani? Others?) will have the opportunity to use this
>> powerful tool to support the change. I saw this evening a reportage on the
>> French television on Tunisia that was telling also about the new freedom of
>> the press, with journalists that were describing the changes. I found that
>> it was a pity that they did not mention the internet. But I am sure that our
>> people and ALS there will work to make sure that the internet will be one of
>> the drivers for the change.
>> Cheers,
>> Roberto
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>>> Hi all,
>>> After very dark days, tonight Tunisia is living a historic
>>> moment after the President speech.
>>> The President has ensured that he will not be candidate for
>>> the 2014 election.
>>> He ensured that all freedom of expression and speech will be
>>> open to all.
>>> Internet is really open there is no web site closed.
>>> I am know watching for the first time of my life "real"
>>> opposition leaders on governmental TV Tunisie7.
>>> I am positivist because I know that this is a real window for
>>> better situation.
>>> Best,
>>> Khaled
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