[At-Large] A huge day for Internet in Tunisia

Roberto Gaetano roberto at icann.org
Wed Jan 19 23:46:50 UTC 2011

I had the honour and pleasure to be invited to the "Festival International
de l'Internet" in summer 2009, representing the Board of ICANN.
I was impressed in particular by a couple of things, that I could witness in
practice, and that I could discuss with the people over there.
First, the concept that they wanted to bring the internet where people were,
not waiting for the people to come where the internet geeks were, and
second, the idea that it was not sufficient to bring the internet to the
large cities, but that the connectivity had to be extended to reach rural
The festival was held in El Kantaoui, a place that is crowded in summer with
people on vacation. That addressed the first point: people were there
relaxed, had time to browse the stands, and were getting contacted more and
better than in a conference hall. I found there people that were
enthusiastic about the internet, stands that were dedicated to specific
groups of people (I remember in particular a stand for elderly people, where
the concept was that they have specific needs that have also to be
All this to say that I was impressed by the potential growth of the internet
in Tunisia, the interest that the subject was getting by the population, and
the innovative ideas of the organizers. Incidentally, Tijani was part of the
organization, and managed to introduce me to a lot of people with whom I had
very interesting conversations (besides showing me the place where I could
buy the best harissa I have ever had!!!).
I am sure that now, with the situation evolving towards more freedom of the
media, the internet will see further development. I hope that our friends in
Tunisia (Khaled? Tijani? Others?) will have the opportunity to use this
powerful tool to support the change. I saw this evening a reportage on the
French television on Tunisia that was telling also about the new freedom of
the press, with journalists that were describing the changes. I found that
it was a pity that they did not mention the internet. But I am sure that our
people and ALS there will work to make sure that the internet will be one of
the drivers for the change.

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> Hi all,
> After very dark days, tonight Tunisia is living a historic 
> moment after the President speech.
> The President has ensured that he will not be candidate for 
> the 2014 election.
> He ensured that all freedom of expression and speech will be 
> open to all.
> Internet is really open there is no web site closed.
> I am know watching for the first time of my life "real" 
> opposition leaders on governmental TV Tunisie7.
> I am positivist because I know that this is a real window for 
> better situation.
> Best,
> Khaled
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