[At-Large] 9th Circuit Court ruling on ICANN Contract.

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Dec 23 23:09:20 UTC 2010


I think that civilian groups helping the police with investigations is fine, just like i think individuals helping the public see inside Cultures of Secrecy is a good thing.  There is definitely room for citizen activism.  What is critical is that any activities by the group of civilian helpers be within the rule of law and that it be the proper authorities operating under law that is within the binding International principles of human rights that are the ones to take action after due process. 

Information, as long as it is not the personal information of natural persons or on other very tightly circumscribed security topics as defined in International covenants and treaties, is good and should be distributed by anyone to everyone.  And so those who collect information on people they consider the DNS bad guys should be free to publish it.  And while they need to be careful that the information is true or else they may have to deal with defamation and libel charges,  they should be free to investigate and publish what they discover.


On 23 Dec 2010, at 17:14, Karl Auerbach wrote:

> On 12/22/2010 10:40 AM, Bill Silverstein wrote:
>> It is not vigilante justice to know the identity of the owner of  a domain
>> name.
> Oh yes indeed it is.  It is most definitely vigilante action to take 
> away the right of an accused - merely on the basis of that accusation. 
> In this case the rights are those of privacy and due process.
>> The problem is, especially when trying to track spammers, is that is this
>> a misguided bad actor sending  spam from advertising one site, or is this
>> a criminal organization sending advertising for thousands of sites?
> The burden of making the case ought to be on the one making the 
> accusation - of do we want the kind of "justice" that Kafka described in 
> "The Trial"?
> 	--karl--
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