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but we are getting away from the topic of this mailing list, which is what has happened and is happening to the domain wikileaks.org? How did it ended up redirecting to known criminal groups websites?

Can ICANN (community) shed a light? Are we missing some tools/information?

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On 2010/12/20 23:15, Neil Schwartzman wrote:
> 1. spamhaus has not denied wikileaks service, they have blocked, since
> 2008, the IP upon which wikileaks.ifo sits, and recently sprang up
> upon.
> 2. there is nothing peaceful about a DDoS, be it distributed and
> human, or distributed and automated.
> What clearly *is* distributed is a giant helping of stupid, to those
> who cannot parse what Spamhaus are saying, and DDoSing them. The
> criminals who run that patch of internet have been spreading
> disinformation, and gullible do-gooders, in the rampant desire to
> somehow help Wikileaks, have moved to DDoSing Spamhaus. The DDoSers
> have been manipulated into DoSing on behalf of criminals. Fan-tastic!

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