[At-Large] Wikileaks.org

Derek Smythe derek at aa419.org
Sun Dec 19 17:56:02 UTC 2010

At issue is wikileaks.info, not wikileaks.org.

wikileaks.info is a knock off. A reverse lookup on the IP address is quite horrifying i.t.o. whois issues on domains 
found. Many of the domain names are in turn used for anything from 
knockoff watches to drug sites to carding sites. Most are registered 
with unaccountable private registrations, some where even the privacy 
provider in turn uses a privacy provider.

While AnonOps was blamed initially, then semi absolved, they are not 
out of the clear.

Central to this is Enom reseller Heihachi (who lived in a tree in NZ) :)

Quite an interesting article on some issues:

On 2010/12/19 19:11, Franck Martin wrote:
> Anyone has looked at what is happening with the domain wikileaks.org?
> See Spamhaus.org warning message.
> Could be the base of some policies between registry registrar and registrant once it is understood what is really happening.
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