[At-Large] FW: Our choice for the ICANN Board

Jacqueline Morris jam at jacquelinemorris.com
Sat Nov 27 16:42:40 UTC 2010

Evan, you said:
"One could easily argue that the entire movement
within ICANN to stop "domain tasting" was in large part thanks to Alan's
personal initiative and his understanding of how to move that initiative
through the ICANN processes. Indeed that constituted the first time ever
that an At-Large initiated policy initiative was adopted by ICANN. And now
PEDNR, another of Alan's policy initiatives, is following the same path."

I was there at the time, and there is no argument, and it wasn't in
"large part" it was in ALL parts Alan. It was Alan's idea, his
initiative. He did the work, brought the idea of the issues report to
ALAC and basically the ALAC said - great idea, we should do this -
what do we do now? And he led us in the rest.

He does the work. He gets buy-in. He gets things done in ICANN policy
arenas. Just thinking about how much work he does gets me tired. :)

And I agree with u, it's one of the differences between At Large and
Civil Society  -end users (the At Large people) include people who are
in business, in academia, in non-profits, in schools, in everything.
So At Large must be broader and more inclusive.

Jacqueline A. Morris
Technology should be like oxygen: Ubiquitous, Necessary, Invisible and
Free. (after Chris Lehmann )

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