[At-Large] Your choice for the ICANN Board was Re: [] FW: Our choice for the ICANN Board

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sat Nov 27 16:35:59 UTC 2010

On 27 Nov 2010, at 11:16, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

> Do these activities make me a "business interest"? How has my involvement in
> multiple for-profit companies adversely affected my approach to ICANN
> policy, such as my extensive involvement in the Morality and Public Order
> issue, the WG creating policy on support for applicants in developing
> economies, etc.?
> I must strongly object to the inference that "business", in and of itself,
> is a dirty word and I take offense that merely being in business taints
> one's approach to ICANN's effect on end-users of the Internet. The fact is
> that far more adult Internet end-users run and/or work for businesses than
> non-profits. If At-Large did not have participants actively involved in
> businesses we would not reflect the reality of the end-user public for whom
> we claim to speak.

I agree that within the ALAC context, the commercial perspectives as well as the non commercial perspectives of being an end user are equally valid.  Often one sees that those two sides of the users' interests have a lot in common, but sometimes, they don't.

Within the choice facing those few in the At-large who have been blessed with a vote,  there is a choice between those two aspects of the user's world view.  The extent that someone believes they can predict that  one candidate's view is more likely to be colored by the commercial side of users interests seems to me, to be a relevant topic.


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