[At-Large] ANNOUNCEMENT : Results from Round 1 voting for At-Large selected Board Member for seat #15 of ICANN Board

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Fri Nov 26 14:55:45 UTC 2010

On 26 November 2010 09:19, Carlton Samuels <carlton.samuels at gmail.com>wrote:

> Am I getting it wrong or should the electorate be 20?   This looks like 19
> -
> and 3 electors neglected to vote!

That's right. The only way the vote could have broken down into those
percentages was
Sébastien 7
Alan 5
Pierre 4

We know Alan was ineligible to vote. So that indeed means that only 16 or 19
eligible votes were counted.

This is possibly the most important vote At-Large has held since its
inception. The regions and/or NomComm deserve to know who did not vote.

- Evan

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