[At-Large] ANNOUNCEMENT : Results from Round 1 voting for At-Large selected Board Member for seat #15 of ICANN Board

Andrés Piazza andrespiazza at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 06:12:02 UTC 2010

I have the same concern..

2010/11/26, Adam Peake <ajp at glocom.ac.jp>:
> Can we see details of the vote:  number of
> voters, number cast for each candidate.
> Thanks,
> Adam
>>Voting for *Round 1 voting for At-Large selected Board Member for seat #15
>>of ICANN Board, *has now been *completed** *and the poll has closed, the
>>vote is quorate and the results show that a Round 2 vote is now required to
>>be held.
>>The ABSdt processes (as approved) state that, should it be required, a
>> Round
>>2 will be held: *"26 ­ 28 November: Second round of online voting."
>>**This announcement is
>>to both release the results of Round 1 and to prepare the At-Large
>>electorate to undertake their Round 2 vote.*
>>*The percentage table results from the Round 1 vote are shown below: *
>>*Names.                       Votes %*
>>Sébastien Bachollet       43.75
>>Pierre Dandjinou            25.00*
>>Alan Greenberg             31.25
>>This shows that the candidate who will drop out with the lowest percentage
>>support (number of votes), and not continue to round 2 vote is Pierre
>>I have now instructed staff to set up a *Round 2 vote on Big Pulse * which
>>will  *start ASAP on 26 November and run through 28 November at 23:59 UTC.*
>>The vote will be between Sebastien Bachollet and Alan Greenberg (listed in
>>that order) . Voter options will be to *select one (1) preferred
>> candidate*;
>>All electorate members should expect to receive their voting credentials
>>from staff and the usual announcements re the vote, within the next 12 hrs
>>=> If you do not receive your voting credential please contact staff
>>directly. Note also that the previous  'in the event of a tie' arrangements
>>will be in place -> good luck to both of the remaining candidates...
>>I have also requested staff to arrange for suitable wider publication of
>>these results and the Round 2 vote beginning through the wider At-Large and
>>ICANN announcements mechanisms as soon as possible.
>>Please also not I have taken the liberty of emailing the three candidates
>> in
>>the Round 1 vote and informing them of these results, whilst thanking all
>> of
>>them for their contribution and ongoing support of this important and
>>landmark selection process, I'm sure I reflect the feelings of the
>> community
>>when I also specifically thank Pierre here in this message for his
>>willingness to serve as the At-Large selected ICANN Board member, and for
>>his active and professional participation in the campaigning processes; and
>>that we look forward to his renewed and continuing involvement with
>> At-Large
>>and the ALAC's work within ICANN.
>>Finally as soon as possible after the Round 2 vote closes (and any tie is
>>broken by the random method previously outlined) I will inform the
>> community
>>of the outcome and write to the ICANN Company Secretary Mr. John Jeffrey,
>>informing him of the At-Large selected person for seat #15 of the ICANN
>>Board of Directors, so that they may take their role on the Board as
>> planned
>>at the Cartagena meeting.
>>Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO)
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