[At-Large] E-Seniors organization has the pleasure to invite you on the 18th and 19th of October -

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Sun Oct 17 12:22:04 UTC 2010

E-SENIORS, a non profit NGO empowering seniors with ICTs, has the 
pleasure to invite you to attend two conferences in Paris with their 
project partners from Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, 
Poland and the United Kingdom during the *Blue Week 2010* (national week 
dedicated to the retirees and the elderly in France):

*/- Monday, October 18^th all day/*

/*An event organised jointly with FNAQPA (Fédération Nationale Avenir et 
Qualité de vie des Personnes Agées)
Trends, initiatives and European projects (including T-Seniority and 
Long Lasting Memories) on the themes :

*New homes, new technologies, new seniors

On the EFREI campus in Villejuif


Registration <http://bit.ly/tseniority>


*/- Tuesday, October 19^th pm/**/

Demonstrations of equipment and games and presentations of European 
projects conducted around the EXERGAMING for seniors

***Games for Health and Active Aging**

*In the Hall of the City Council of the 11^th arrondissement of Paris

Program <http://www.e-seniors.asso.fr/texte%20_invite_EN_vff_light.pdf>

Registration <http://www.e-seniors.asso.fr/inscription.php>


Reserve these dates on your calendar!

You will find also the 2 programs information in *the attached files *!



Monique Epstein

Associations E-Seniors / E-Juniors / M3Cube
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