[At-Large] ITU versus ICANN

Karl Auerbach karl at cavebear.com
Sat Oct 9 16:52:08 UTC 2010

By-the-way, I believe that it is still the case that the US Dep't of 
Commerce Agency, the NTIA, has a veto power over ICANN with regard to TLDs.

This authority, assuming it still exists, is a binary power to affect 
the presence or absence of a TLD.  But it could be used as a lever to 
affect policies and TLD behavior.

Is it still the case that ICANN merely recommends TLDs to NTIA?  And 
does NTIA still issue instructions to Verisign regarding what edits to 
make to a root zone file?

I am not sure how that has changed with DNSSEC signed records.

Unless things have changed NTIA has the power to refuse to put any TLD 
authorized by ICANN into the root zone file currently used by root 
servers; and NTIA also has the power to insert any TLD that it would 
like into that root zone file.

In other words the US seems to have, to some extent, what the other 
countries and ITU want.


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