[At-Large] New ICANN Director

Eberhard Blocher director at ourtanzania.com
Thu Sep 9 09:41:10 UTC 2010

Well Patrick and others can easily be excused for mistakenly believing that
the new ICANN Director, Erika Mann, is still a Member of the European
Parliament. After all, a Yahoo search for her name gives
http://www.erikamann.com/ as one of the first results, and on that site, an
entry dated 25 May 2010 is displayed prominently near the very top.

Erika has apparently done a lot of good work on issues relating to
ITU/ICANN/IGF, I am told, so I look forward to her work on the ICANN Board.
However, she really ought to update her most prominent web site.

Tel. +49 221 913 9535
Mob. +49 151 12 14 15 03

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