[At-Large] ALAC Director

Karl Auerbach karl at cavebear.com
Sat Sep 4 22:09:01 UTC 2010

On 09/03/2010 03:20 PM, Roberto Gaetano wrote:

A couple of quick comments.

1. You have been a good board member; if you chose to submit your name 
you would hear cheers from many quarters, including this one.

2. A small but significant point regarding the subject line.  The board 
seat is not that of an "ALAC Director" but rather one for the "at 
large", a term that is larger than the system of the ALAC and its 
hierarchy of RALOs and ALSs.

3. You and I know better than most that doing the job of an ICANN 
director is very hard.  It is not just the ICANN side but also the task 
of being in communication with the community of internet users, engaging 
with them, debating, agreeing, disagreeing, and most importantly, 
accepting when persuasive arguments require us to change our point of view.

4. With regard to director remuneration.  I make a distinction between 
payments just for being a board member and having a fund available to 
cover certain well defined expenses that a director may incur (with the 
money flowing directly from ICANN without actually passing through the 
hands of the director.)  My sense is that the latter would give rise to 
fewer difficulties.

5. The stress of the role is enormous.  If one is married it is rather 
important to have spousal agreement as the role puts a lot of stress 
onto a relationship.


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