[At-Large] ICANN Board Nomination

Neil Schwartzman neil at cauce.org
Tue Aug 31 07:31:41 UTC 2010

On 2010-08-31, at 9:16 AM, Franck Martin wrote:

> Yes, that's what people think, that ICANN is in charge of everything on the Internet, while they are in charge of so little...

It would be nice were they to at least take responsibility for those areas that they are responsible, like rogue registrars, abuse of the domain system, and so on.

I hear tell ICANN are being called onto the carpet by the Whitehouse; perhaps this will lead to some long overdue action:

>>> Toute connaissance est une réponse à une question
>> Have just no idea what this means. Why would you not use English in
>> response to an English posting. I have barely learnt passable English
>> as
>> a third language. Apologies for it but I could not indulge my
>> linguistic
>> faculties any further to acquaint myself with French expressions even
>> if
>> they may get stylistically used in superior English :) . Parminder
> Someone will translate for you, I'm sure... ;) It is my signature when I'm on the move... nothing specific to this thread, but now thinking of it....

Literally 'All knowledge is a response to a question'  the longer quote is, 'For a scientific spirit, all knowledge is a response to a question, if there is no question posed, there will be no knowledge'

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