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No, there is no such rule, but California has a minimum wage (which is a bit above US federal minimum wage), and I thought fixing the compensation as factor of the minimum wage, allow the compensation to change if they change the minimum wage due to increase of cost of living. What I fear, if you don't use such a rule, is that successive boards will slowly increase this compensation until it is not reasonable, or that due to community pressure not touch it, and make it unattractive.

The other part interesting in compensating the board for its work, is that it may allow board members to work outside board meetings. I have seen in various groups, you read documents, etc... only during group meetings... but that's ethics issues, and not sure compensation can really change that.

Also, remember there were graph of attendance of people at the various boards and workgroup meeting in ICANN. May be this compensation is trying to fix the poor attendance of some, starting at the top...?

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Hi Franck
I am not sure if I understood - are you saying there is an special rule in
California that allows not for profit organization to pay their board
members let's say  2 minimum local salaries, as something else not
considered real compensation of these members? Since I am not English native
is that correct?
Thanks for explain 

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