[At-Large] [EURO-Discuss] ICANN Board Nomination

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Sat Aug 21 12:57:29 UTC 2010

Patrick, I'm generally sympathetic to what you're 
saying, and also with Khaled Koubaa's email to 
the At Large list (expect everyone's read) about 
the importance of regional balance.  If we were 
able to select more than one Director and were 
able to select from a large pool of candidates 
(I'm guessing the number may not be so large, it 
will be nice to be wrong) then I think these kind 
of factors would play a more significant role. 
But with only one pick for the next three and a 
half years, from what might be a smallish pool of 
candidates, I would emphasize the candidate's 
skills to perform the tasks of a director and 
serve the interests of users over all other 


>On 20 Aug 2010, at 23:55, Annette Muehlberg wrote:
>>  Dear all,
>>  This is a very special moment: For many years 
>>we have been working on setting up structures 
>>to get Internet users involved in ICANN¹s 
>>policy and decision making processes. After 
>>implementing RALOs in each region of the world 
>>we finally managed to (re)build a structure to 
>>have an Internet user representative on the 
>>ICANN Board with voting rights. This is a very 
>>important and responsible position.
>>  Herewith, I nominate Avri Doria to represent 
>>Internet users on the ICANN Board.
>  > She is extremely qualified to serve the 
>interests of users on the ICANN Board. Here, I 
>include just some of Avri's qualifications.  She
>Nothing against Avri personnally, but I thought 
>the whole idea was to avoid choosing ICANN 
>insiders and bring new blood to the Board.
>I would say we should avoid choosing anyone who 
>has been on an AC or SO for the last 3 years 
>(and this includes current and recent ALAC 
>members and RALO leaders).
>Patrick Vande Walle
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