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In benefit of everybody it would be very helpfully if  somebody can make a summary about:

1. The position and profile
2. The period to serve
3. The process to nominate
4. How is the board now. I mean from a profile and geographic point of view
5. Who can nominate and the deadline to do it
6. Some other info

Some help on this can facilitate the understanding of the whole process and update our own info on this issue.

Carlos Vera

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I have nothing against Avri as person because I consider her one of the 
most expreienced persons in the ICANN. But I have 2 comments :
- I see her more a "GNSO" person and not an "ALAC" person and she has 
been always active in that side.
- I think it is important to see in this opportunity to appoint a Board 
member from the ALAC to reinforce the regional presence in the ICANN 
Board. It is may be good for the balance to nominate someone from Africa 
or Asia.

Le 20/08/2010 22:55, Annette Muehlberg a écrit :
> Dear all,
> This is a very special moment: For many years we have been working on setting up structures to get Internet users involved in ICANN’s policy and decision making processes. After implementing RALOs in each region of the world we finally managed to (re)build a structure to have an Internet user representative on the ICANN Board with voting rights. This is a very important and responsible position.
> Herewith, I nominate Avri Doria to represent Internet users on the ICANN Board.
> She is extremely qualified to serve the interests of users on the ICANN Board. Here, I include just some of Avri's qualifications.  She
> - worked more than 20 years in the technical side of industry. She has technical know-how and understanding of the relation between technology and policy
> - is dedicated and passionate about Internet users' issues and is deeply rooted in civil society. She participated in the WSIS, was a member of the Working Group on Internet Governance, member of the IGF secretariat, was coordinator of the Internet Governance Caucus
> - knows ICANN by heart and is well-respected in the ICANN community. She served for several years as chair of the GNSO Council and community working groups (she was elected chair by the GNSO Council after being appointed to Council by the Nominating Committee). She understands both global situation and ICANN's roles and responsibilities
> - communicates clearly, whether by electronic or in-person communications, she can speak effectively to a variety of audiences
> - is persistent in advocating Internet user’s interests and relevant policies and is keen to work with the Internet users, RALOs and ALAC on ICANN policies
> - asks for Parity for GAC and ALAC. She wants to see ALAC advice treated in the bylaws with as much respect and response as GAC advice
> - stands for a culture of transparency which she wants to become the norm in ICANN. She worked with ALAC to produce the joint ALAC-NCSG letter to Board on public posting of Staff memos sent to the Board
> - argued against the program to pre-announce the names people planned to apply for; argued for and is co-charing the committee to find ways to assist new gTLD applicants who may not have the financial capabilities of ICANN insiders
> - cares about all Internet users (and potential Internet users). As a long-time developer, she works on systems for people in remote communities and takes figuring out the users' requirements as a serious activity that must involve those users
> - cares about capacity building. She teaches Internet Governance around the world, focusing on technical issues as well as on freedom of expression and privacy. She is a member of the core faculty of the Summer Schools on Internet Governance (ISSIG)
> - is member of ISOC and does a great deal of work on technical participation at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)
> - cares about work on closing the global divide. Co-chairs with ALAC the WG to support new gTLD applicants with funding and other assistance
> - has multi-lingual capacity and cultural understanding. She is well grounded in many languages, lived and worked for several years in many different countries around the world
> Avri is a technical person who understands policy and cares about the user perspective – and she is a nice person, really cool to work with.
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