[At-Large] ICANN Board Nomination

Roberto Gaetano roberto at icann.org
Sat Aug 21 06:29:42 UTC 2010

I am not a member, so I cannot second, but let me say that it seems to me a
very good choice.
My personal opinion is that ALAC has a lot to gain by choosing somebody like
Avri with a high profile and a good reputation in the community.

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> Dear all,
> This is a very special moment: For many years we have been 
> working on setting up structures to get Internet users 
> involved in ICANN's policy and decision making processes. 
> After implementing RALOs in each region of the world we 
> finally managed to (re)build a structure to have an Internet 
> user representative on the ICANN Board with voting rights. 
> This is a very important and responsible position. 
> Herewith, I nominate Avri Doria to represent Internet users 
> on the ICANN Board.
> She is extremely qualified to serve the interests of users on 
> the ICANN Board. Here, I include just some of Avri's 
> qualifications.  She 
> - worked more than 20 years in the technical side of 
> industry. She has technical know-how and understanding of the 
> relation between technology and policy
> - is dedicated and passionate about Internet users' issues 
> and is deeply rooted in civil society. She participated in 
> the WSIS, was a member of the Working Group on Internet 
> Governance, member of the IGF secretariat, was coordinator of 
> the Internet Governance Caucus
> - knows ICANN by heart and is well-respected in the ICANN 
> community. She served for several years as chair of the GNSO 
> Council and community working groups (she was elected chair 
> by the GNSO Council after being appointed to Council by the 
> Nominating Committee). She understands both global situation 
> and ICANN's roles and responsibilities
> - communicates clearly, whether by electronic or in-person 
> communications, she can speak effectively to a variety of audiences 
> - is persistent in advocating Internet user's interests and 
> relevant policies and is keen to work with the Internet 
> users, RALOs and ALAC on ICANN policies
> - asks for Parity for GAC and ALAC. She wants to see ALAC 
> advice treated in the bylaws with as much respect and 
> response as GAC advice
> - stands for a culture of transparency which she wants to 
> become the norm in ICANN. She worked with ALAC to produce the 
> joint ALAC-NCSG letter to Board on public posting of Staff 
> memos sent to the Board
> - argued against the program to pre-announce the names people 
> planned to apply for; argued for and is co-charing the 
> committee to find ways to assist new gTLD applicants who may 
> not have the financial capabilities of ICANN insiders
> - cares about all Internet users (and potential Internet 
> users). As a long-time developer, she works on systems for 
> people in remote communities and takes figuring out the 
> users' requirements as a serious activity that must involve 
> those users
> - cares about capacity building. She teaches Internet 
> Governance around the world, focusing on technical issues as 
> well as on freedom of expression and privacy. She is a member 
> of the core faculty of the Summer Schools on Internet 
> Governance (ISSIG)
> - is member of ISOC and does a great deal of work on 
> technical participation at the Internet Engineering Task 
> Force (IETF) and the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)
> - cares about work on closing the global divide. Co-chairs 
> with ALAC the WG to support new gTLD applicants with funding 
> and other assistance
> - has multi-lingual capacity and cultural understanding. She 
> is well grounded in many languages, lived and worked for 
> several years in many different countries around the world
> Avri is a technical person who understands policy and cares 
> about the user perspective - and she is a nice person, really 
> cool to work with.
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