[AFRI-Discuss] Nomination for ICANN73 Internet Reimbursement Program

Jabhera Matogoro jaberamatogoro at tzcna.or.tz
Wed Feb 16 15:59:52 UTC 2022

Dear Seun,

Thank you so much for this updates. I hope the selection considered 
representative from all AFRINIC geographical blocks. Since country are 
not there it is difficult to confirm that.

Congratulations for the selected participants.

Jabhera Matogoro
Founder & CEO
Tanzania Community Networks Alliance
Skype: jabhera.matogoro
Mobile: +255784 423 615

On 2022-02-16 10:34, Seun Ojedeji via AFRI-Discuss wrote:
> Dear Members,
> This is to notify you that AFRALO leadership has approved the
> following applications for the ICANN73 internet reimbursement program.
> We expect and hope that we will see an improved participation from the
> recipients not just during the meeting alone but also within AFRALO
> and atlarge activities as a whole.
> 	* Yaovi Venunye Azasoo
> 	* Moustapha Abakar Abdramane
> 	* Gabdibé Gab-Hingonne
> 	* Abraham Selby
> 	* Musa Bangura
> Congratulations!
> Seun, Chair AFRALO.
> Sent from my mobile
> Kindly excuse brevity and typos
> Every word has consequences.
> Every silence does too!
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