[AFRI-Discuss] Call for comments (was Fwd: [ALAC] Final Report of the ALS Mobilization Working Party)

Sarah Kiden skiden at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 05:38:32 UTC 2020

Hello Pastor Peters and all,

I agree with Seun's comments. Please see my responses inline below.

On Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 1:37 PM Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Pastor Peters,
> Kindly see inline:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 9:11 AM Peters Omoragbon <
> petersomoragbon at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello Seun and All.
>> I have made my inputs into the Google document as requested.
> SO: Hmm...i can't find your inputs on the document here:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kr4uH3IGv-LNzsO27twEiTlmRBUUAab5JzgNqGChqwY/edit#
> It seem you made a different copy off it? you may put your comment on the
> googledocs link shared above so that all comments are on the same document
> for our deliberations.
>> Now flowing from the call last night, I think it will be expedient for us
>> to articulate our position as a RALO taking in all suggestions.
>> You heard the masked remarks last night by Alan, after my intervention
>> when he said ALAC maybe inclined to act upon our proposal if its a RALO
>> proposal and not an individual, which to me was misplaced. My position from
>> time has not been an individual position but that of my ALS. I represent my
>> ALS and not myself.
>> Some of our leaders in icann are not able to separate both.
> SO: It has been my understanding that RALO's input will be required and
> it's much better that we agree on our inputs as RALO and present the same.
> So i think members' comments from RALO are indeed what is being requested
> now.
>> Another danger in the current  call of yesterday and tomorrow is a ploy
>> to give ALAC an undemocratic mandate to rail road this New proposal to the
>> Board with the claim that the Community including all RALOs have been given
>> the opportunity to discuss the new proposal and they will put into vote.
>> Maureen has a majority of sympathisers in ALAC that can push this through.
>> Which is why AFRALO may have to
>> 1. Formally write to ALAC to stand down ANY decision on this document
>> until we have enough time of about 40 days as recalled by Sebastian last
>> night or
>> 2. Work hard in the next 2wks to put up an Afralo position FOR ALAC.
> SO: I think it's important to note that we are all At-Large, while our
> RALO may have observations on the report, other RALOs have their views as
> well and we have to find a common ground that works for the majority (if
> not all).  AFRALO will make her comments on the report as the ALAC has
> provided the current window for that hence there is no decision at ALAC
> level to call a stay on.
>> One danger those of us sitting on the fence is not sering is the
>> implication of this new ALS guidelines if not checked.
>> 1. ALAC wants to assume FULL control over the entire community defeating
>> the purpose of the principles of icann in terms of multi stakeholders
>> consensus on issues.
>> 2. RALOs are being gradually made redundant and with time may be done
>> away with, if not why would anyone propose that ALAC over sees the
>> activities of RALOs or that ALAC deal directly with Als and not through
>> RALO.
>> 3. In the nearest future, the plan is to do away with ALSes and rely on
>> individual members. Icann will soon become an individual organisation as
>> opposed to organisational representation. Reason is not far fetched, all
>> the current people leading on this new draconian changes do not belong to
>> any organisation in their constituency even if they do, they re no more but
>> are involved in icann as individuals. Which is fine but they should not
>> destroy the very fabric of what make icann what it is today.
>> 4. Why would Alan refused to have the entire community look at the draft
>> and make recommendations before asking ALAC to revirw instead of taking it
>> straight to ALAC and now we are being made to look over a document that
>> took one year to develop in a 2 hour call. I can't get it. All the
>> suggestions last night appeared to be a waste of bcos he said it is left
>> for ALAC to accept or not and no more the WP! ALAC is composed of two third
>> elected members by RALOs. Its like Board or shares in a company. The RALOs
>> have the largest numbers of shares and should be the ones to call the shot
>> and not the other way. It is the dog that wags the tail and not the tail
>> wagging the dog.
> SO: I like to call for caution Pastor Peters, while we may have our
> strong opinions, I think we should engage one another with an open mind. As
> you may already know, the call that occured yesterday and the one that will
> be held  tomorrow was a request by the RALO leaders and it was largely
> informational. Alan was actually right that the report is now in the hands
> of the ALAC unless ALAC explicitly asks the WP to oversee the gathering of
> feedback from RALOs which is not the case. When we review the report and
> get to a section where point of clarification is required, that would be to
> the WP members (including the Chair Alan) but when we have comments for
> modification we are to talk to ALAC because that is where the report sits
> at the moment. Yes I would have preferred ALAC asking the WP to coordinate
> this phase of community engagement but that route was not taken by ALAC so
> lets work with what we have.
> Finally, Seun and the Exco of AFRALO, the AFRALO call that was initiated
>> by my petition against the leadership of the WP did make about 3
>> resolutions that was to be written to ALAC after the meeting. Why was this
>> not done because I cannot recall seeing that document till date. Please,
>> Seun and Sarah to please address us on this.
> SO: During the call that your referred to, action item given to the AFRALO
> leadership was to communicate to the Chair of ALAC on the importance of
> engaging the RALOs once the final draft report was submitted to ALAC which
> was done, and i understand that the engagement is what we are having at the
> moment. Could this particular phase have been handled differently, maybe
> but we shall work with what we have.

SK: This step was in fact completed in June 2020 by the AFRALO Chair, who
sent a request to the ALAC Chair that comments from RALOs be sought before
the final report is considered. I believe we still have an opportunity to
make our comments in the document shared by Seun and then send this as
AFRALO feedback. I note that you have already added comments into the
document. I believe these comments will be addressed.



>> Whatever it is worth, I have been like a lonely voice in the wilderness
>> while a lot of us are muted and I'm been seen as a bad guy, but the fallout
>> from these if not checked will not affect our Als alone.
>> Yesterday someone said to Seun that the WP did not think along his line
>> of thoughts on the points he raised if not it would have been dealt with.
>> That was pure fallacy because I did both during calls and in writing but
>> some people just don't care because it is coming from Pastor Peters. You
>> cannot cut off your nose to spite your face remember.
> SO: The rules we are talking about is supposed to be in the interest of
> At-Large, i can assure you that this is not about an individual so you are
> actually not alone, from my count there were at least 7 members from AFRALO
> that participated in the WP (though at different levels). Let's make sure
> we put in our comments during this phase, even if it was missed in the
> past, there is still an opportunity to voice them out, if we agree on them
> then we take them as our RALO's view
> Regards
>> Have a good day everyone. Posterity will judge all of us rightly or
>> wrongly.
>> Shallom.
>> Pastor Peters Omoragbon
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>> Report of the ALS Mobilization Working Party)
>> Dear Members,
>> As agreed during our last monthly call, we have put the final draft of
>> the report on googledocs. *Please do not suggest edits but rather add
>> comments on any section of the document that you find to be of concern*,
>> if you have a solution to the concern, you can indicate it in your comment
>> as well, we shall then compile any comments that emerge and make a
>> statement off it thereof.
>> Here is the url to the googledocs:
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kr4uH3IGv-LNzsO27twEiTlmRBUUAab5JzgNqGChqwY/edit?usp=sharing
>> Kindly put in your comments as soon as possible.
>> Regards
>> Seun - AFRALO Chair
>> On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 7:45 AM Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> Dear Members,
>> The ALS mobilisation working party has completed its work and the report
>> is hereby attached for our comments. These report makes recommendations on
>> how present and future ALSes will operate within AFRALO and At-large as a
>> whole, hence it is important that members look at the report and provide
>> any feedback to on this.
>> You may put your comments on this list(in response to my mail) or you may
>> write to me directly or to any of the AFRALO officers in copy. We shall
>> then attempt to put the various comments together in form of a statement. I
>> suggest we take the next 2 weeks for this as the ALAC may be finalising on
>> the report during the next ALAC meeting. I will appreciate that comments
>> are brief and specific with reference to specific heading and page number
>> in the document. I will attempt to provide 2 examples below:
>> *What to expect from an ALS(page 3/4):*
>> The 3rd paragraph seem to give more decision powers to the ALT, when it
>> should rather be the entire ALAC that would grant such a waiver.
>> Preferrably such waiver may be receievd and granted by each RALO leadership
>> to avoid weilding too much power to the center
>> *Withdrawal of Accreditation (page 16):*
>> Bullet point 3 under item 2 suggests that staff should notify the ALAC
>> Chair who then oversees the process, i think it should rather be a
>> notification to the RALO leadership (perhaps with ALAC Chair in copy) and
>> the RALO leadership should oversee the process with an action
>> recommendation to the ALAC (through the ALAC Chair)
>> Finally, while we have earlier invited the Chair of the working party in
>> person of Alan Greenberg to our special purpose call in the past, there may
>> be another call/webinar that will be scheduled. I will provide more details
>> about that as soon as i have it.
>> Regards
>> Sent from my mobile
>> Kindly excuse brevity and typos
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>> From: *Alan Greenberg* <alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca>
>> Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020, 20:27
>> Subject: [ALAC] Final Report of the ALS Mobilization Working Party
>> To: ALAC <alac at atlarge-lists.icann.org>
>> Cc: ALS-Mob-WP <als-mob-wp at icann.org>
>> Please find attached the Final Report of the ALS Mobilization Working
>> Party (ALS-Mob-WP).
>> I will be happy to formally make a presentation to the ALAC and
>> At-Large Community at Maureen's convenience, and I can also do
>> presentations to any RALO that wishes.
>> The report is the result of ten months of work by the WP. Everything
>> in it was determined by consensus and the vast majority by unanimous
>> consensus.
>> The next step is a review by the ALAC and RALOs. Presumably the
>> latter will be initiated by the ALAC Members from each region.
>> Once the ALAC, with the support of the RALOs provides approval, the
>> substance of the report will go to the ICANN Board for their
>> agreement (or non-objection). Any Bylaw changes will be submitted to
>> the Board and would be subject to the standard Bylaw amendment
>> procedure as specified under Bylaws Article 25. In parallel with this
>> report being submitted to the ALAC, the proposed Bylaw changes are
>> being submitted to the Office of the General Counsel for their review
>> and comments.
>> Should the ALAC or Board require further modifications to the report,
>> the WP will be reconvened.
>> I will be happy to address and questions, comments or concerns.
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