[AFRI-Discuss] Call for Topics: Joint AFRALO-AfrICANN meeting - ICANN68 (Virtual)

Peters Omoragbon petersomoragbon at gmail.com
Fri May 22 19:32:10 UTC 2020

Hello All,
I share Barrack's proposal. Ephraim's proposal nonetheless is equally
important-but the larger picture that is ALL OVER the world central to
ICANN's activities is the INTERNET END USERS-not specific to technocrats or
That is why I would want us to go for the proposal as modified by Barrack.
In the discussion, every stakeholder that constitute the Empowered
Community can come in and make a submission on how to build their own
resilience in the face of DISASTERS/CALAMITIES/CRISIS etc.
Good day all

*Pastor Peters Osawaru OMORAGBON*

*-Financial Secretary, Central Association of Nigerians in the United

*-Executive President/CEO-Nurses Across the Borders-An NGO in Special
Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United

*-Designated Contact Person-United Nations Framework Convention on Climate

*-International Liaison Officer-Nigerian Nurses Charitable

*-Board Member-Conference of NGOS in Special Consultative Status with the
United Nations-CONGO*

*-Member Steering Committee Regional Committee for Africa-CONGO*

*-General Secretary, Civil Society Network of NGOs on Climate Change*

*-Fellow Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers-ICANN*
*-Fellow Open Society Institute-Budapest*

On Fri, 22 May 2020 at 19:46, Ephraim Percy Kenyanito <hello at ekenyanito.com>

> Hi Barrack,
> Just to add some ideas about semantics and rephrasing the topic to look at
> the bigger picture.
> I thus would like us to also brainstorm an additional topic which is
> broader to cover DNS resiliency and also topics on ICANN accountability.
> The topic is: Enhancing implementation of Workstream2 Recommendations in
> the face of calamities.
> I hope with phrasing it like that, it would provide more room for
> conversation beyond accessibility (which is one of the recommendations
> under Workstream2) but also other key concerns among the 7 topics provided
> under Workstream2 recommendations.
> Ephraim Percy Kenyanito
> On 5/22/20 11:43 AM, Barrack Otieno wrote:
> Hi Pastor Peters,
> Since pandemics might not be common, how about we replace the word
> pandemic with calamities? (semantic). The community was able to rise above
> the challenge in Puerto Rico and had its meeting, we may want to look at
> lessons learnt from such calamities.
>    1. Enhancing the resilience of the Empowered Community within ICANN
>    during a Pandemic.
>    2. Enhancing the resilience of the Empowered Community within ICANN in
>    the face of calamities.
> We could get feedback from colleagues who are wordsmiths.
> Best Regards
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