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Dear colleagues,

There was a call with the community leaders today, I missed the call myself
but the ALAC Chair has summarised the meeting(do find forwarded). The ICANN
Board will be meeting tomorrow to decide about the upcoming ICANN meeting
in Cancun

This is for your information.

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Good morning, afternoon, evening all

The ICANN Board and ICANN Org have just concluded a meeting with Community
Leaders about whether or not the Cancun meeting will be held or not.  There
were 74 participants on the call. This is a brief summary of the call.
Recording and transcripts will be made available soon.

The meeting included several health experts, who first outlined the global
situation and then described the precautions that would be taken at the
Cancun. They do not have any concerns about Mexico at the moment and the
Mexican govt itself is monitoring the situation.  Many of their previously
suspected cases have been cleared as not coronavirus.

*Health facilities on site*
* The ICANN medical centre will be staffed with additional health personnel
(doctors and nurses) to address any concerns on site - for example, anyone
identifying themselves with a temperature, etc
* hand sanitisers will abound, and masks and gloves will also be available
* there is a global shortage of masks so if you can bring your own masks
from a local supply please do so (preventative measure)
* individual temperatures should be taken each day to monitor any changes
* anyone identified as potential patient will be immediately removed to a
local hospital. Cancun and Mexican medical facilities were reported as good.
During the chat I indicated that the majority of At-Large were in favour of
proceeding with the meeting. All the other constituencies also indicated
support for the continuation of the Cancun meeting, although monitoring of
the KL situation was noted by a couple of leaders.

Goran did mention that if staff were uneasy about attending the meeting
this would have an impact because there was a minimum requirement of staff
to run it effectively.  At the same time he said that the meetings were for
the community and it was important t hear from us as well.

The Board will make a decision at a meeting to be held tomorrow at
20:00utc.  We will know more then.


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