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Hello Caleb,

Thanks for your email, your question is noted and will be communicated


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On Tue, 18 Aug 2020, 17:56 Caleb Olumuyiwa Ogundele, <muyiwacaleb at gmail.com>

> Hello Seun,
> The African Community witnessed low participation in during the last ICANN
> meeting unlike the first virtual meeting where we actively engaged. This is
> due to time differences in favor of those who are hosting the virtual
> meeting. However, in the real sense of the concept virtual meeting is not
> physical and it takes a toll on Internet resources only but not time.
> Is there a way we can have a middle point of time across most regions so
> that we can have an increase in participation across board especially for
> Africans?
> Bear in mind that Africa is not hosting any virtual meetings in the next
> three years or more. This means that if we continue to use time zones of
> the regions hosting the meeting, there will be lower African participants.
> Caleb Ogundele
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> On Tue, Aug 18, 2020, 5:37 PM Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear Members,
>> This is a reminder, kindly share with me questions you'd like me to ask
>> the ICANN CEO.
>> Regards
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>> On Thu, 13 Aug 2020, 08:20 Seun Ojedeji, <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Colleagues,
>>> Trust you are doing well and staying safe, I will be having a one on one
>>> session with the CEO and other RALO leaders. If you have any question that
>>> you like to ask the CEO, please let me know by 24th of this month at the
>>> latest.
>>> We will share summary of responses to them during our September call and
>>> recordings of the session will also be made available.
>>> Regards
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