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thanks Pat and suggestion noted.
Remmy Nweke
(for the team)

On Mon, Nov 4, 2019, 6:40 AM Patricia Akello <ekisesta at gmail.com> wrote:

> Great initiative by the team.
> This will surely keep us abreast with the trending AFRALO activities.
> For future updates, we can consider adding a section covering
> highlights and key milestones achieved by Afralo measured against the
> AFRALO strategic plan.
> Otherwise very well done to the team :)
> have a productive meeting in Montreal
> Regards
> Esther Patricia
> On Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 4:58 PM ICANN At-Large <staff at atlarge.icann.org>
> wrote:
>> October 2019
>> Volume 1 | October 2019
>> The latest news from the African At-Large Regional Organization (AFRALO)
>> Visit our Website
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1aqRJX6bCWHuj5eOAOnTWRRplGhXmNc0QfOt91TXuTXTHgfGhXcLuHysMmCUGBAunnY_d8-Eo7pwsIdCiGbY7sPF0bbTySaH6&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> From the Chair's Desk
>> Mohamed El Bashir, AFRALO Chair
>> Welcome to AFRALO Newsletter 1st Volume, It's a new dawn!
>> I most sincerely welcome everyone to this new dawn of the maiden edition
>> of the AFRALO newsletter.
>> I am excited that what started like mere suggestion is now coming into
>> fruition and thereby positioning AFRALO to join the league of RALOs with
>> their own newsletter. I thank all those who volunteered to make this
>> happen.
>> This is a new dawn looking back from where we were coming from, following
>> AFRALO's successful election of new leadership team to be led by Seun
>> Ojedeji ( incoming Chair) and Aziz Hilali ( incoming Vice Chair). I do
>> appreciate the role and support of Fatimata Seye Sylla (outgoing Vice
>> Chair), Let me once again congratulate all the newly elected members and
>> seek their support moving forward for the incoming leadership as we
>> continue to grow AFRALO members and activities.
>> I write this with nostalgia, given that this is my first and probably the
>> last as the Editor-in-Chief of this new AFRALO Newsletter, but definitely
>> not going to be my last in terms of contributions to the growth and
>> sustenance of AFRALO and ICANN community.
>> I must at this juncture express our gratitude to ALAC leadership and
>> At-Large community members who stood by AFRALO delegates to the Third
>> At-Large Summit (ATLAS III), to ensure that we make good use of this
>> opportunity, using their contacts and time.
>> Special Thanks to Leadership, ICANN staff and particularly the At-Large
>> support staff Heidi, Gisella, Silvia, Evin, Yesim), the Travel Team and
>> ICANN Africa Engagement Team led by the Vice President, Global Stakeholder
>> Engagement, Mr. Pierre Dandjinou. We can only pray and urge you and team to
>> continue to pilot the engagement train so as to sustain the tempo so far.
>> For our ATLAS III Ambassadors, especially those who eventually succeeded
>> in getting the Canadian visa, despite all the hiccups; we are looking
>> forward to your active participation in ATLAS III and ICANN meeting in
>> Montreal. We must make good use of this opportunity so as to encourage
>> others starting from taking the sessions seriously as a number of
>> activities have been well lined up including the plenary on Monday with
>> focus on “Thought and Change Leadership” and a session on ‘Effective
>> Communication’ with a number of breakout sessions, to name a few.
>> Above all, network with peers and the wider ICANN community, it offers
>> extra-opportunity to learn firsthand and I am sure that by the time ICANN66
>> and ATLAS III will be over, there will be light at the end of the tunnel,
>> for us as individuals and Africa as a continent.
>> Also central is the AFRALO monthly calls, which I think we must continue
>> to be an open forum to share ideas of activities in our region and
>> coordinate our RALO activities. Our active participation in the
>> multistakeholder engagements within the ICANN community is important
>> and valuable, so please continue to be active and engaged.
>> I would like to welcome Ihab Osman and Mandla Msimang, the newly selected
>> African members to the ICANN Board of Directors, we are looking forward to
>> work with you and wish you the best in your new roles.I wish everyone,
>> especially those traveling to Montreal for ICANN66 and very importantly to
>> us, the ATLAS III, a safe trip and active participation.
>> Lastly we lost one of the African Internet industry finest, Dr. Tarek
>> Kamel (1962-2019) may his soul rest in peace, He was a true African
>> Internet Pioneer.
>> Enjoy this new dawn!
>> Editorial Team
>> Editor-in-Chief: Mohamed EL BASHIR
>> Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Fatimata SEYE SYLLA
>> Managing Editor | Secretariat: Sarah KIDEN
>> Editor (English): Remmy NWEKE
>> Co-Editor (French): Olévié KOUAMI
>> Adetokunbo Abiola
>> Aisha Hamid
>> Bram Fudzulani
>> Bukola Oronti
>> Dave Kissoondoyal
>> Hadia El Miniawi
>> Haroun Mahamat
>> Adam Ahmat
>> Brahim Mustapha
>> Cedric Kinanga
>> Christine Anaky
>> Gabdibé Gab-Hingonne
>> Ines Hfaiedh
>> Minata Zong-Naba
>> Full list of team members
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310Cs-1J-jFrCJDH1ET08lZNDrWqDIZEn0YJP9IBj8kv6HwB25tuCWTH6QpydlsGLbordZXS0KHAgELklWzdmJ9ln_36vvPxhUGQUyNU-Ya2Bi4bgcEYlzBexP3VFM94HnaHhZHNyMgZRpsEH9b-nbVI=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> ICANN At-Large Staff
>> staff at atlarge.icann.org
>> About AFRALO
>> African Regional At-Large Organization: Engaging Africa for Development
>> AFRALO is the home of the individual Internet user community for the
>> African region. It provides news, key resources and interactive information
>> sharing tools for individuals and end-user groups in the African region who
>> are interested in ICANN and in shaping the future of the Internet.
>> AFRALO aims to:
>>    - Strengthen users’ participation in ICANN decision-making structures
>>    - Help ensure that its members will actively encourage more direct
>>    participation by end users
>>    - Build Internet policy making capacity in the region
>>    - Reach out to Internet users on the issues in the scope of ICANN
>>    - Represent users’ interests and defining public interest aspects of
>>    Internet governance with specific focus on the areas of privacy,
>>    transparency, and accountability
>>    - Strengthen consumer protection in ICANN policies
>>    - Identify social impacts of technical infrastructure design
>>    - Take cultural diversity into account when formulating technical
>>    standards (e.g. IDN implementation)
>> AFRALO currently consist of 61 ALSes
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1Mqy3TJ_X99ZLosaq-w9-k4Whf46HIYGfszTAi-4sfiBpMHomgMft3_17ECnYZ5vfz7zeq2ZsSJbxdc0gNrVQWntGJn3DC2Ue5dLU7M3Veds=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> located in 32 countries and territories.
>> To learn more about the ongoing work of AFRALO, you are welcome to check
>> out the AFRALO workspace
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1OxAWF71Bn1mtjYLlpmPqz5e5fiFjR9097S8X_Nq_hnQ_Ibeip9RDF2s9riDCk67Y3wI0IYq7C-Q-WgfgPf6mTqWoU41QapoA0uczS8Ekxgc=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> .
>> AFRALO Secretariat Update: ATLAS III
>> The At-Large Summit (ATLAS III) is the third gathering of the
>> representatives of Internet end-users participating in the Internet
>> Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) activities.
>> In the activities leading to this stage, which is part of the 66th ICANN
>> International Meeting
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH3192I6ISxrJCT0zxT5x2WwUXIB1vGEMDkooVoMbi8nZrHuicDOWpIFprSlgaH--vW0H40EOd3WC_pkbJvB9wPmFePskqCGNXqBRgZRosPOPcF&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>,
>> slated for Montréal, Canada, from 2 - 7 November 2019, the African
>> Regional At-Large Organization (AFRALO)
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1ZCz53sd0Gm4kLZY6NTPrNUW8gUgLTpXxQvBl_PX-hkjXfE0q_UKROnsXWdFarU_yp2nYW2Rf5IGiPDwtHtofgXRazEqAKZiIoszpMOv8nNY=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==> would
>> be well represented.
>> Noteworthy is that the selection process was divided into two parts;
>> namely the assessment to ascertain membership of At-Large; a series of
>> compulsory courses about ICANN and what it does; and already an active
>> member within At-Large or in another section of ICANN, on behalf of
>> At-Large.
>> Out of the 55 selected At-Large members, AFRALO got 19 slots and here we
>> present to you these ambassadors who would make us proud at ICANN66 during
>> the ATLAS III:
>> Abdeljalil Bachar Bong
>> Abdulkarim Oloyede
>> Bakary Kouyate
>> Bram Fudzulani
>> Bukola Oronti
>> Chokri Ben Romdhane
>> Daniel Khauka Nanghaka
>> Ejikeme Egbuogu
>> Ines Hfaiedh
>> Isaac Maposa
>> Joan Katambi
>> Michel M. Tchonang Linze
>> Nkem Nweke
>> Peters Osawaru Omoragbon
>> Ramanou Biaou
>> Raymond Selorm Mamattah
>> Remmy Nweke
>> Sonigitu Asibong Ekpe
>> We wish all the selected AFRALO members for ATLAS III a successful
>> participation!
>> See the blog on ICANN.org: Future Policy and Outreach Ambassadors to
>> Attend the Third At-Large Summit (ATLAS III)
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1Tojs4jfbhuFFPiSAr6eLjacE-mNQQjAs2r-173zG5j3u8M3PHjzb7Mit2O8IyrQdk52OxSXnx1Gi2oqlrvepoJ2k-y6s88_nu5E14aSHKGCn7-2L03ZUlBTuZ73Um-HUHrA-8JGnhBvsZJ5LOy_YrvLbHl3nWpoSRTJVhByKF2b_ix9Q2fZG4d7IKpbLUf50lduGOeiUVY3HiO3nXlZlCg==&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> ALAC / At-Large Policy Comments & Advice
>> All of AFRALO and the At-Large community are invited to contribute to
>> ICANN public comment proceedings. For more information, please visit the At-Large
>> Policy Advice Development Page
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH31wNcz0gc4vj0YLkgZOqRcOuJbvQH8nvg9AQTBte0DGFPHVLchBbZTFzApqEcaPX0IyLjEzozYFyKgMUkRYcaDH0xKkJaWCYF6I6zuMjxEvcR&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==> or
>> contact At-Large staff <staff at atlarge.icann.org>.
>> The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) recently ratified the following
>> statement:
>> Next Steps to Improve the Effectiveness of ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH316NBGsPvS2Tv5ah70jvFN_3KjPa6xdAxCBD-ph-Z-GzdJyyBAv7-hkLteZ0swo6zcOhcNA9rK9HfeiWvB-XtdPkQ_IHyWVqBxLSa--xF_jugT80RGIrOUIB06wly4c5-X-zgCXJADM96bQfWhju9rQ3yIVHEMwniMg==&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> The ALAC summarized its comments as follows:
>> I. Strengthen ICANN’s bottom-up multistakeholder decision-making process
>> and ensure that work gets done and policies are developed in an effective
>> and timely manner.
>>    - Issue 1: Prioritization of work. ALAC feels this must be addressed
>>    (Category A). Some suggestions include: spreading the workload, increased
>>    outreach (ATLAS III, further incentives to keep contributing volunteers,
>>    adequate knowledge and resources (specified in II) The entire
>>    community,as well as ICANN.org
>>    <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH31ztWOWoMYL8OpcwDKriGrpqYREQIlNNjbV91DCI1a4EZ50uv_lqO9Zxncn1Lj1K2Ts3cgb4YYkl1-a65LCdkQp8=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==> must
>>    contribute to the resolution of this problem.
>>    - Issue 2: Precision in scoping the work. This issue may fall into
>>    Category A - must be addressed - or Category B -- might be partially
>>    addressed in current processes. We foresee scoping that is tight and smart
>>    and relevant to the process. It is impossible to say who should be
>>    responsible when so much activity around it is unresolved.
>>    - Issue 3: Efficient use of resources. This is a category A issue
>>    which must be addressed. We recognize that it might be partially addressed
>>    by current processes but cannot assess the situation until these processes
>>    are completed. We are concerned that PDP 3.0 may offer efficiency at the
>>    cost of inclusiveness which we feel would be a backwards step in the
>>    evolution of ICANN’s MSM.
>>    - Issue 4: Roles and responsibilities and a holistic view of ICANN.
>>    This is a category A issue although it will require further processes to
>>    resolve. ALAC seeks a bottom-up review of roles and responsibilities as an
>>    independent process.
>> II. Support and grow active, informed and effective stakeholder
>> participation.
>> Strategies to expand the concept of participation are offered as well as
>> various resources and support needed to ensure informed participation. We
>> consider this to be a Category A issue -- the model cannot evolve if it is
>> not addressed. This is a major concern for At Large and other
>> volunteer-based constituencies and all will need to be involved in
>> addressing it. Support from ICANN,org and the Board will be necessary.
>>    - Issue 5: Representativeness and inclusiveness. Mentorship programs
>>    are a key part of ensuring that the MSM system remains representative and
>>    inclusive. Relevant constituencies as well as staff need to make sure these
>>    programs are working as they are intended and that they are reaching the
>>    right demographics. Inclusiveness at the leadership level needs to be
>>    improved through a bottom up process with staff assistance.
>> III. Sustain and improve openness, inclusivity, accountability and
>> transparency.
>>    - Issue 6: Culture, trust and silos. This is a category A issue that
>>    needs to be addressed in this process. All constituencies need to reach
>>    across their boundaries, respect for other viewpoints must be reinforced.
>>    This is a problem in many large organizations and there are professional services
>>    available to help build trust and cooperation. By engaging some of these
>>    services, ICANN.org
>>    <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH31ztWOWoMYL8OpcwDKriGrpqYREQIlNNjbV91DCI1a4EZ50uv_lqO9Zxncn1Lj1K2Ts3cgb4YYkl1-a65LCdkQp8=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==> could
>>    help constituencies build a better working environment.
>>    - Issue 7: Complexity. This is an inherent feature of ICANN work, but
>>    where it can be alleviated, ICANN.org
>>    <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH31ztWOWoMYL8OpcwDKriGrpqYREQIlNNjbV91DCI1a4EZ50uv_lqO9Zxncn1Lj1K2Ts3cgb4YYkl1-a65LCdkQp8=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==> should
>>    take the lead. Make sure information such as the website is well organized
>>    and understandable and closely monitor the internet governance environment
>>    for issues that will impact ICANN directly.
>>    - Issue 8: Consensus. Creating conditions that would facilitate
>>    consensus is the goal of the issues already listed. Preserving the voice of
>>    end users in the decision-making processes is crucial to ICANN’s MSM model
>>    -- a Category A issue in which all parties play a role but the role of the
>>    Board will be particularly important.
>> Read more ALAC Executive Summaries here
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH31yJgbzKNN2LAtDHVDj4D8ffAYAgZbY6EmV_YbEMt-hRqzy_28cYPFtHVlJJKiCg9StBDA97YqpDMhc-iXQJ0xxradxeglu0ktY4p9uxKMpum_PrJ2U06ql4=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> .
>> The ALAC also submitted policy feedback in response to:
>>    - Amazon Public Interest Commitments (PICs) 2019
>>    <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310Cs-1J-jFrCHNVZNEhnpOASEBxuU8y2PyOMLFvYRzKCmXSL8n773Qk5emAm16mrU_2p7dc4YL_7qCDg_V4yDlT_-3VOH3yliHUUhY75qyIrlv9alHrH2DY9ZrekNEX6yAE0GTLSpB25Ep6V8nA1usb_6Owoz-R5Ntqp-e3SoWr6LSW2s4GeTAd5HMP6XX_ejkOGKmCxNmRkZ_QeUgSdRvP5u0SwbA-UOwcG4MHcFBPrWRqe-SquSDujiW6b0scC8g==&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>>    - Invitation to Provide Feedback on the ICANN Board’s Proposed Public
>>    Interest Framework
>>    <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310Cs-1J-jFrCN_a2y4AHLXXVlA42tAYNnWuvL8RnhabsZEeqIABSJyinbNj0LLbiNlxfpXS4IfUfvkGolQDYkPowkQfif9BozVy641KYmHld&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>>    - ALAC Question to the ICANN Board: Domain Name Abuse
>>    <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH318XeFTRtmllLbXL4dxUyb58nyWKtwicW2C88lwlt-5Ie7u4LUBF92Vn8dZBNGx9NhvxlKJ4icWFz3M69Qm17_ZKmaO7aGO0NEjZ7qO1xdyFh&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> The ALAC is drafting the following comments:
>> Drafting Registration Directory Service (RDS-WHOIS2) Review Team Final
>> Report
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310UBz_cE35QJjyc-WaQxgIWeA6PzTf9jpS2ITfQWBWkZaSlLBNd5vrMsLnnov5WbFgcKbTMX6T-txIG46gXNiQ2i4kO5JGH7m-ACKZMPFWVtKJonpzfTVy59qIr5sz-GLOx3lBkgVeJuIww4_V_PwmZgFEaUdQhp2esWp_a2dzF2zwLQNn0bCs_Gn43fUpa96ETcoB_Ly7BU3_cqxC8_Pb2i1AJJG1n0GDAX9jNohwUCfkljT6J7RB-I3_syTCmEqFvaeHb8mE0y7zeIHakl60TZiHc0U__hSA==&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> 25 November 2019
>> Comment DRAFT PTI and IANA FY21 Operating Plan and Budgets
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310UBz_cE35QJC1H3DkROHuLSa8kDlCkBib0JD4vIMwnDHUH_Tsvnu0xiMYz850VjInC3MsIh5OjTrxdDk_iJAn_OH24f1xx_Os1IrwStlhfy&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> 27 November 2019
>> In addition, there is an ongoing workspace regarding CPWG SubPro Comment
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH31wQUlOTy1ofXSc787GpSmkFtMfLgOkKpH0oEGDNAQ_UI8GweCZYuIHTeWQdD4RarqWKzMXDSdccjuuEdXP6Q32IjQSPsMEkTfWgDk6nao9tOaZ0Q5ELI09bJtfwuTOBjOTBQC1_va2eyGAEq2IsypIst9FFJTs0HFxMlfNyrPVMROtP7Hu95yT3kRX9_WUea-RArmamKmBMN18FmgJ1OmnLpPHdmVrw02rJO6jjP3l1AUcmY8AlL6Vy8RGOjVLoBPHd_egIqdTxydObsdvug2_ztHhzijLcnO8bbajvkksodamvUh8eElXP7tSsCVl0ojBveU2SInlwO_LOH-Gqy5HWkRqKGtlTvqogk6cnX8vsGCu8YXCJJeOmCP_zLOVpqmXoiBanlpdOAQoZ4vOngsTJ7eTSMptmEaBYk4qMjo0FdcXe3Uv8beYkPRwihyE8mnPAaOli8iwi7Wwatvi0d8IYjdlkOEU0UO5qeaHxaa9zRdO9u7NP9K4PipfHxd19lVyNyjK8Gg9l-25LfumPFvJO1q-Tn2B-t296TB03sa1AgJgT7_mue7yK1Ker39MK7_l-6JU5vRXWKkcA9jdI5RjMiUQSHIxyCmlMbJBxJDj9e7rjliCwX4wX5zi3O2rvvZ_Sp2Ex1QxHj-c7hwlPc5fBqDExpa8qqK1oxEIxEV9-z8mhVT2CSUMAPSqWicDxcfxo_uHs-jXdbT15QVGHsCEo=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> .
>> Have your say! To contribute to ALAC public comment, please comment on
>> the wiki space or volunteer as penholder, and join the weekly At-Large
>> Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG)
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH31_b4u8a91cQiXTGZhSzNmyQx9TnamQpXhAgSAp92QLf0To4zdPXXIntH91TPBiwzmcNoKTUETBWO4ECD3M7sYdvRowJX6n1pjuaWorJxrjz6&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>>  meetings.
>> Additional Resources
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH31wNcz0gc4vj0YLkgZOqRcOuJbvQH8nvg9AQTBte0DGFPHVLchBbZTFzApqEcaPX0IyLjEzozYFyKgMUkRYcaDH0xKkJaWCYF6I6zuMjxEvcR&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> ALAC/At-Large Policy Issues
>> Note from GSE Africa
>> Pierre Dandjinou, VP, Stakeholder Engagement - Africa
>> Congratulations AFRALO
>> Greetings from ICANN org and specifically from the Global Stakeholder
>> Engagement Africa team. May I add my voice, and on behalf of my team in
>> congratulating you, the Afralo leadership and editorial team on the launch
>> of your newsletter. It is our sincere hope that with this newsletter,
>> another channel for furthering awareness about ICANN and its remit in the
>> Internet Ecosystem, including the important work of ALSes has been created!
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1ZCz53sd0Gm4kLZY6NTPrNUW8gUgLTpXxQvBl_PX-hkjXfE0q_UKROnsXWdFarU_yp2nYW2Rf5IGiPDwtHtofgXRazEqAKZiIoszpMOv8nNY=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> Being the first edition of this newsletter, we take this opportunity to
>> once again introduce our
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1EvN6Sm5Xg1XjVJ0hLKK6x7crMH91NCcMeK9IATcppuFLOFgAavTGfuvyA5XEzenhAd111ATi2lq5lemIsTZQrcfSxaL3uZyRtLKJawe8Rek6jKhBkSajlPijxP6TmgiFjL2XJ1SNAYxsvnAvBIiFftOrvhyKoyLCusjLcIHKYPk=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>ICANN Africa
>> Strategy
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1EvN6Sm5Xg1XjVJ0hLKK6x7crMH91NCcMeK9IATcppuFLOFgAavTGfuvyA5XEzenhAd111ATi2lq5lemIsTZQrcfSxaL3uZyRtLKJawe8Rek6jKhBkSajlPijxP6TmgiFjL2XJ1SNAYxsvnAvBIiFftOrvhyKoyLCusjLcIHKYPk=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==> which
>> was one of the first regional strategic documents ever developed in ICANN.
>> It was developed by the Africa The Africa Strategy Working Group (ASWG) and
>> presented during ICANN49 in Toronto. It was adopted by ICANN in 2012 and
>> officially launched in 2013. The strategy remains the cornerstone and road
>> map of our engagement efforts in the continent
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1EvN6Sm5Xg1XjVJ0hLKK6x7crMH91NCcMeK9IATcppuFLOFgAavTGfuvyA5XEzenhAd111ATi2lq5lemIsTZQrcfSxaL3uZyRtLKJawe8Rek6jKhBkSajlPijxP6TmgiFjL2XJ1SNAYxsvnAvBIiFftOrvhyKoyLCusjLcIHKYPk=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> .
>> Through a two-pronged approach, the Strategy aims to encourage
>> participation of the African Internet community in ICANN as well as build
>> capacity amongst stakeholders to foster the domain name industry in Africa.
>> Thus, we have two broad objectives;
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1EvN6Sm5Xg1XjVJ0hLKK6x7crMH91NCcMeK9IATcppuFLOFgAavTGfuvyA5XEzenhAd111ATi2lq5lemIsTZQrcfSxaL3uZyRtLKJawe8Rek6jKhBkSajlPijxP6TmgiFjL2XJ1SNAYxsvnAvBIiFftOrvhyKoyLCusjLcIHKYPk=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> · Awareness Creation
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1EvN6Sm5Xg1XjVJ0hLKK6x7crMH91NCcMeK9IATcppuFLOFgAavTGfuvyA5XEzenhAd111ATi2lq5lemIsTZQrcfSxaL3uZyRtLKJawe8Rek6jKhBkSajlPijxP6TmgiFjL2XJ1SNAYxsvnAvBIiFftOrvhyKoyLCusjLcIHKYPk=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==> -
>> Promote Awareness and Meaningful Participation of Africa in ICANN & the
>> wider IG Ecosystem in partnership with other I* and Af* Organizations.
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1EvN6Sm5Xg1XjVJ0hLKK6x7crMH91NCcMeK9IATcppuFLOFgAavTGfuvyA5XEzenhAd111ATi2lq5lemIsTZQrcfSxaL3uZyRtLKJawe8Rek6jKhBkSajlPijxP6TmgiFjL2XJ1SNAYxsvnAvBIiFftOrvhyKoyLCusjLcIHKYPk=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> · Build Capacity
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1EvN6Sm5Xg1XjVJ0hLKK6x7crMH91NCcMeK9IATcppuFLOFgAavTGfuvyA5XEzenhAd111ATi2lq5lemIsTZQrcfSxaL3uZyRtLKJawe8Rek6jKhBkSajlPijxP6TmgiFjL2XJ1SNAYxsvnAvBIiFftOrvhyKoyLCusjLcIHKYPk=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>-
>> Transform the DNS & Internet Industry in Africa by Facilitating capacity
>> development and Cultivating an environment for the emergence of an Africa
>> grown domain name industry and business.
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1EvN6Sm5Xg1XjVJ0hLKK6x7crMH91NCcMeK9IATcppuFLOFgAavTGfuvyA5XEzenhAd111ATi2lq5lemIsTZQrcfSxaL3uZyRtLKJawe8Rek6jKhBkSajlPijxP6TmgiFjL2XJ1SNAYxsvnAvBIiFftOrvhyKoyLCusjLcIHKYPk=&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> Almost six years later, several flagship programs and projects have been
>> implemented in the region including with varying degrees of success, they
>> include; The DNSSEC roadshow series, The Africa DNS Forum amongst others. (
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1Vah0jYGQG7beATfTO5VTjCk4Oc2-T1ktJkpsxwFFmf4iLrMkPoNqC5Twi-TBoKlh8PRIS7av1S7dU_72I5s819cbpGmzh8PCVoAwQk9h4tWd3F-op3F25bxar9qD69bb8xUa2en1zxhPV-TaGOMO-5YGe1ijP9eg1VDUAcrHrkTNIZHwmwzfHYrpeCjZoEJ0&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>See
>> our 5-Year Implementation Report for full details
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1Vah0jYGQG7beATfTO5VTjCk4Oc2-T1ktJkpsxwFFmf4iLrMkPoNqC5Twi-TBoKlh8PRIS7av1S7dU_72I5s819cbpGmzh8PCVoAwQk9h4tWd3F-op3F25bxar9qD69bb8xUa2en1zxhPV-TaGOMO-5YGe1ijP9eg1VDUAcrHrkTNIZHwmwzfHYrpeCjZoEJ0&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>)
>> Equally, we have also had an opportunity, together with you,  the
>> community, to review the strategy severally to keep it aligned with
>> changing needs and realities at ICANN. Our Africa strategy thus remains a
>> living document, and we are looking forward to the next iteration to review
>> and realign it with the current ICANN org 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. In this
>> regard, we look forward to a continued and even deeper collaboration with
>> Afralo leadership and team as a whole to make this a reality. Thank you and
>> congratulation once more.
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1Vah0jYGQG7beATfTO5VTjCk4Oc2-T1ktJkpsxwFFmf4iLrMkPoNqC5Twi-TBoKlh8PRIS7av1S7dU_72I5s819cbpGmzh8PCVoAwQk9h4tWd3F-op3F25bxar9qD69bb8xUa2en1zxhPV-TaGOMO-5YGe1ijP9eg1VDUAcrHrkTNIZHwmwzfHYrpeCjZoEJ0&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> AFRALO, ICANN Community Mourn Dr. Tarek Kamel
>> As the preparation for the ICANN66 advanced, the African Regional
>> At-Large Organisation (AFRALO) was saddened on October 10 the passage of
>> Dr. Tarek Kamel to great beyond. Until his death, Kamel was ICANN's Senior
>> Advisor to the President and Senior Vice President of Government and
>> Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) Engagement.
>> A well-cherished gentleman across the Internet ecosystem, Kamel is known
>> to have led efforts to build stronger relationships between ICANN.org and
>> governments, ministries, and IGOs on Internet governance sector.
>> Tarek was known as ardent multistakeholder advocate and determined to
>> building one strong, stable, and interoperable Internet for all people
>> across the globe.
>> To this effect, African Internet Community is planning a session in his
>> honour led by Tijani Ben Jemaa.
>> Also, a section of the Africa Internet community, is seeking 100
>> signatures in honour of Dr Tarek Kamel as tribute to many of his pioneering
>> efforts on the continent.
>> “Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support,” the
>> organisers said, urging Africans.
>> They also urge people to read more and sign the petition
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1ICeG7gZyQhBk-b-RqkO5VnS3utQ19Ldd8jQq6zQxjLpvYCOUwRty8ZHoM0D3bmr-fJaeaoUrizXdnwCyh23LSA==&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> .
>> African Regional Organizations (AF*)
>> The 4th Summit on Community Networks (CNs) in Africa will take place in
>> Dodoma, Tanzania from 28 October to 2 November 2019. The Summit hopes to
>> promote the creation and growth of CNs, increase collaboration between CN
>> operators in the region, and provide an opportunity for them to engage with
>> other stakeholders.
>>    - Training Workshop: 28-29 October
>>    - CN Summit Plenary: 30-31 October
>>    - Site Visit to Kondoa Community Network: 1-2 November
>> The event is targeted at CN operators, policy makers, researchers,
>> evangelists, sponsors, and related networks such as community radio.
>> Annual Digital Week Burkina Faso
>> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001bcytASM_AEg9T4MZ84G-uGCby43hYlK4_gR2aSImS-azR0oCauH310LSbbGFv1f1px54fLV66GKnAF4Fi_tlLbI0MtIjM6UlxNA16kcFiim-6Q07dszr1BUBNdzCLeiucYkxZGpW4WfEIkQDhpHmYg==&c=zklDdfGiCYvAsw0-PzUT-Mj26Z-sgdVMErEedJvsZ8eaboCB2m5NWQ==&ch=tToydFW_kOZFcyQajtkzoNSOp8AiQXM4x62WZZ90cNnRMftRyZf-Jw==>
>> An At-Large Structure, the Women and Sustainable Development Foundation
>> (F-FTIC & DD) will be participating in the 15th annual Digital Week Burkina
>> Faso, taking place between November 19 and 23, 2019 in Bobo-Dioulasso,
>> economic capital of Burkina Faso with the theme : Towards innovative
>> financial instruments for the well-being of the citizen in the digital era."
>> Stay Connected
>> At-Large on Twitter
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