[AFRI-Discuss] Internet South Africa - *new* introduction

Alan Levin alan at isoc.org.za
Tue May 7 16:11:27 UTC 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I do hope this email finds you all well. It has been a while and I have a
grey beard :)  There seem to be many mailing lists I would appreciate your

The Internet Society placed us a good predicament and we have split
ISOC-ZA  local activities from the chapter activities. I consider the RALO
as the chapter activity so this is now called Internet South Africa -
accepted as the Internet Society chapter of South Africa.

The new Internet South Africa Board includes the following volunteers,
Adri Loubser - Chairperson  <adri.baard at gmail.com>
Theo Maseloanyane - Board Member <MSLTHE006 at myuct.ac.za>

They have read the rules and promise to attend your telecon :)

Please assist to guide them to get added.

I believe they will both make excellent ambassadors for South Africa.

Thank you Mohamed El Bashir for your amazing service through think and thin


Alan Levin

Alan Levin
Chairman ISOC-ZA
+27 21 4882820 (ddi)
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