[AFRI-Discuss] Re : AFRALO signs MOU with AfTLD

Yazid AKANHO yakanho2 at yahoo.fr
Sat Jun 22 02:52:49 UTC 2019

Super!Well done to the team that make this happen and looking forward to putting our hands and minds to work together.

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  Le sam., juin 22, 2019 à 0:11, Sarah Kiden<skiden at gmail.com> a écrit :   Dear Colleagues,
I hope this email finds you well! We would like to notify you that today (21 June 2019), during the Africa Internet Summit that was just concluded in Kampala, Uganda, the African Regional At-Large Organisation (AFRALO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the African Top Level Domains Organization (AfTLD) for collaboration and mutual support. The 2 parties on agreed on an open communication channel; cooperating to promote Internet user-centric policies, infrastructure development and services in order to encourage Internet development in Africa; facilitating joint capacity building events; creating awareness and promoting regional and global participation. 

We look forward to working with AfTLD!


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