[AFRI-Discuss] [AfrICANN-discuss] Call for topics: Joint AFRALO-AfrICANN Statement for ICANN64

Yazid AKANHO yakanho2 at yahoo.fr
Tue Feb 5 07:39:06 UTC 2019

Hi Tidjani and all, 
my suggestion also goes to  New gTLD Subsequent procedures.I am also available to participate to the drafting.

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    Le jeudi 31 janvier 2019 à 09:47:38 UTC+1, Tijani BEN JEMAA <tijani.benjemaa at topnet.tn> a écrit :  
 Thank you Sarah for your mail.
I’m proposing here a timeline for this operation:
| 31/1 – 07/2  | Call for topics |
|        07 February         | Announcement of the selected Topic |
| 07 - 11 February  | Call for volunteers for the drafting team |
|        11 February        | Announcement of the drafting team composition |
| 11 - 18 February | Drafting of the statement (1st draft). |
|        18 February | Publishing of the 1st draft for comments |
| 18 - 23 February        | Comment period for the 1st draft of the statement  |
| 23 - 28 February       | Drafting of the final version |
|        01 March              | Final draft published |

On the other hand, and to help the community, here is a list of hot topics currently discussed in ICANN and that can be addressed by our African community:

   - EPDP report
   - Unified Access Model andAccreditation models
   - New gTLD SubsequentProcedures: Neustar proposal onthe upcoming rounds
   - ICANN Strategic Planfor Fiscal Years 2021-2025
   - ICANN Operating Plan& Budget
My preference goes to New gTLD Subsequent Procedures: Neustar proposal on the upcoming rounds.
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Le 30 janv. 2019 à 20:08, Sarah Kiden <skiden at gmail.com> a écrit :
Dear Colleagues,
I hope this email finds you well. The ICANN64 meeting in Kobe, Japan is about 1.5 months away. We plan to have the Joint AFRALO-AfrICANN meeting. This is a call for topics for the statement for the meeting. Previous statements can be accessed here. 

As is the norm, the topic that receives the most support will be selected. A drafting team will then be constituted to prepare the statement. Please note that the final statement should be prepared early to allow translation into French. Please send your suggestions by Wednesday, 6 February 2019. 
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Kind regards,
Sarah KidenAFRALO Secretariat
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