[AFRI-Discuss] Stepping Down and a Nomination for AfRALO Chair position

peters omoragbon petersomoragbon at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 20:56:19 UTC 2019

Dear Fellow Comrades, 
Let me congratulate Bashir for his bold initiative to decline the allure and pecks of office and power to step down as chair of AFRALO without the sit- tight mentality of African Leaders, AFRALO not insulated as could be gleaned over the years. 
This is reminiscent of Nelson Mandela of South Aftica. 
Having said that, I also commend your choice of a successor which deviate from the old tradition of recycling of AFRALO leadership within the region. Your decision is a demonstration of your foresight to introduce new breeds into the affairs of AFRALO. As a region we should be dynamic and move with the trends of civilization. Though Seun has served in ALAC but considering his years in ICANN he has done much. 
It is for the above reasons that Nurses Across the Borders will be supporting the nomination of the following people as nominated but with strong reservation for an Aziz Vice Chairmanship after completing two tenures and to now step lower to vie for or accept any nomination of Vice chairman. Aziz is my friend but I would urge him to decline the nomination and give room for others to occupy. I have always been very Frank and objective to issues. If we want AFRALO to be all inclusive and all participatory, we should expand the leadership front and encourage new leaders to emerge. That is how we can be strengthened and empowered. We cannot be using the same people all year round and expect a different output or achievement from them. 
I do hope that Seun if elected would honourably do one tenure (having served twice as ALAC rep for AFRALO). This position is not different from the cause I raised in the ROP WG and at the General Assembly in South Africa. If other RALOs and ICANN structures are committing the same error, AFRALO can lead by example for others to emulate. 
I would still take the struggle to the ICANN Ombudsman to look at the leakages of the laws guiding ICANN activities in terms of electing leaders. Today the world largest democracy where ICANN is domiciled allows for ONLY two tenures for their Presidents. ICANN must represent such values. 
To this end I support the following nominations

1- Seun for the position of Chair of AFRALO 

 2- Vice-Chair position any other nomination 

3- Abdulkarim  O., NomCom delegate 

4- Dave Kissoondoyal to represent AFRALO to ALAC

They have my support because they are a breathe of Fresh air to AFRALO. I hope they too will follow in Basjir"s footsteps. 

Congratulations in advance to you all. 

Pastor Peters Omoragbon 

Permanent UN Representative 

UNFCCC Designated Contact Person 

Fellow ICANN (since 2010)

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