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Sarah Kiden skiden at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 21:32:26 UTC 2018

Hello Pastor Peters,

The applications are not vetted by RALO officers. All applications are
mentioned during monthly calls for feedback from members. When an
individual member has been certified, we also do the same during monthly
calls. Perhaps the only thing missing is posting to the mailing list. We
shall post these to the list going forward.

During the review of the individual membership rules next year, I will add
these comments.

Thank you for your feedback.



On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 00:15 Peters Omoragbon <petersomoragbon at gmail.com>

> Thank you Sarah for your prompt feedback.
> I think I must have missed out on the point whereby Individual membership
> applications are ONLY vetted by the RALO officers without inputs from
> registered ALSs as done with ALS applications.
> I cannot recall that was the adopted rule of procedure on this . Even at
> that, it is proper the names and list of ANY admitted Individual members
> are shared with RALO members as I cannot recall seeing such list or names.
> Nonetheless there will be need to have that rule reviewed because we
> cannot have two separate rules for one process. If ALS applications are
> shared with RALO members same rule  should apply to individual members
> applications.
> Please address my concerns as above.
> Thank you.
> Pastor Peters Omoragbon
> On Wed, 5 Sep 2018, 21:59 Sarah Kiden, <skiden at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear Pastor Peters,
>> I hope this email finds you well. Following the just concluded AFRALO
>> monthly call, I had requested for some time to consult and clarify on the
>> question you raised.
>> You asked if we have been posting applications for AFRALO Individual
>> Membership to the AFRALO mailing list. The answer is no. Currently,
>> individual membership applicants send their forms to Staff, who perform due
>> diligence and forward the application to RALO leadership. During all our
>> monthly calls, members are informed of all applications (ALS or Individual
>> Membership) and once members agree, the applications are then sent to ALAC,
>> through Staff, for certification.
>> I crossed checked with ALS accreditation rules
>> <https://atlarge.icann.org/get-involved/about-als> and Individual
>> Membership rules
>> <https://community.icann.org/display/AFRALO/Individual+Membership+-+AFRALO+ROP+Review>
>> as drafted by the AFRALO Rules of Procedure Working Group and voted by our
>> members. While for ALSes it is clearly mentioned that the application will
>> be sent to RALO members, the Individual Membership rules do not mention
>> this.
>> When we accepted these rules, it was agreed that we would review the
>> rules after 2 years, so that means that the review will happen in 2019.
>> Should this be a requirement that members would like to add to the rules,
>> we can add it to the discussion points.
>> I hope this answers the question that you raised.
>> Kind regards,
>> Sarah Kiden
>> AFRALO Secretariat
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