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This is exactly what I complained about. Tijani, Bastiaan, Hadia and
my comments are NOT there.
So Evin, please work with Jonathan to track down any and all comments
made on this issue - and then the two of you make sure the link to
this page is on the policy page front and centre.   Otherwise, we
risk not capturing what ALAC members think.
(and Alan's explanation would also be useful as an introduction to the
issue - together with any additional such as the fact that we are in
the process of selecting ALAC members for the EPDP - and when they are
named, list them on the page

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 As I hope you are all aware, due to the European General Data 
 Protection Regulations (GDPR), access to some gTLD Domain Name 
 registrant information (WHOIS) is being restricted. Traditionally, 
 for a registrant who did not use a proxy service a WHOIS Query would 
 reveal their full name, address, phone number and e-mail address. If 
 you do a lookup for one of my addresses today you will see almost 
 nothing! Try looking up alangreenberg.org at https://whois.icann.org.

 This increases privacy for some registrants and also makes 
 information harder to access for those who currently use WHOIS.

 There are serious monetary fines associated with GDPR, so compliance 
 is important.

 In addressing the new regulations, there has been a lot of discussion

 within ICANN over the last year. A GNSO Policy Development Process 
 (PDP) started about 2 years ago which should have provided a new 
 system (now called a Registration Directory Service (RDS) instead of 
 WHOIS), but unfortunately that process has not completed in
sufficient time.

 As a result, to meet the GDPR deadline of 25 May 2018, the ICANN 
 Board implemented a Temporary Specification Policy to allow us and 
 our contracted parties (Registrars and Registries) to be 
 GDPR-compliant. That temporary policy must be replaced by a permanent

 one within one year - a VERY short time for ICANN policy development.

 The GNSO is starting an Expedited PDP which can complete faster than 
 a regular PDP. The ALAC is being given two Members in the this group.

 We need to establish what our guiding principles are.

 Please visit https://community.icann.org/x/_YlHBQ, read what others 
 think, and contribute your thoughts on what positions we should be


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