[AFRI-Discuss] Call for Volunteers: GNSO Expedited PDP on Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Jul 12 20:27:55 UTC 2018

Please note that as expected, the Criteria have been revised. Also, a 
new Required Statement of Participation has been added. See 

The ALAC Quota has been reduced from three Members and three 
Alternates to two of each.

The EoI application period closes in about 27 hours


At 10/07/2018 07:52 PM, Alan Greenberg wrote:
>In light of the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), 
>the ICANN Board enacted a temporary policy governing WHOIS (now know 
>as Registration Data) effective 25 May 2018. This temporary policy 
>must be replaced by a permanent policy within one year. To take this 
>action, the GNSO has initiated and Expedited Policy Development 
>Policy. The Charted for this process is expected to be approved by 
>the GNSO on 19 July 2018, and a group convened to develop the policy 
>will be convened soon after.
>Although the membership quotas of this group will not be 
>definitively known until the charter is approved, at this point we 
>expect that the ALAC will be given three Members and three 
>Alternates. It is expected that Alternates may only actively 
>participate if a Member is not available, but would be expected to 
>be prepared to participate if needed.
>Members and Alternates representing the ALAC will work as a team to 
>develop an ALAC position and strive to appropriately effect the 
>policy effort. There will be regular consultation with the ALAC and At-Large.
>Since the policy must be in place by 25 May 2019, it is expected 
>that a draft policy will be prepared in time for the ICANN63 meeting 
>in late October 2018.
>Membership in the EPDP is expected to require up to 30 hours per 
>week, starting immediately and at least for the first 4 months, and 
>probably a lower but still significant commitment until mid-2018. 
>The GNSO is also setting some very specific criteria for 
>participation. Although the list may change, the current 
>requirements are as follows:
>    * Have sufficient and appropriate motivation, availability and 
> expertise to participate in the substance of the work of the EPDP 
> Team. Appropriate experience could, for example, include experience 
> with the previous RDS/WHOIS policy development processes, task 
> forces, or implementation review teams, or participation in EWG efforts;
>    * Commit to abide by the EPDP Team Commitment Statement, and to 
> accept the consequences of non-compliance as may be determined by 
> the EPDP leadership or appointing group;
>    * Commit to build consensus on issues within the scope of this EPDP;
>    * Commit to actively participate in the activities of the EPDP 
> on an on-going and long-term basis, for a period of no less than 
> one-year, with the highest intensity expected in the first six to 
> eight months;
>    * Solicit and communicate (where appropriate) the views and 
> concerns of individuals in the group that appoints them;
>    * Commit to abide to the charter when participating in the EPDP Team;
>    * Understand the needs of the Internet communities that ICANN 
> serves (standards, domains and numbers);
>    * Commit to attend any provided introductory training courses, 
> e.g., privacy, trademarks, registrar operations, DNS, etc.
>    * Understand the broader ecosystem (the Internet Community) in 
> which ICANN operates and the needs of those working on other 
> aspects of the Internet industry.
>Membership and participation will be on behalf of the ALAC and not 
>representing personal views.
>Expressions of Interest will be accepted until 23:59 UTC on Friday, 
>13 July 2018.
>The EoI may be found at https://tinyurl.com/ALAC-EPDP-EoI. If you 
>complete the EoI more than once, the last version will be the one used.
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