[AFRI-Discuss] [gaia] Internet Shut Down in TOGO

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Mon Sep 11 08:23:01 UTC 2017

Right now internet has been restored,


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Hi Norbert,

Did the internet situation improve in Togo?


Ish Sookun

On 09/07/2017 12:43 AM, Norbert Komlan GLAKPE wrote:
> ​Dear All,
> I apologize for cross posting.
> We are experiencing internet shut down in Togo since this Morning.
> Social Media was fluctuating since yesterday morning according to many
> users.
> But the black out has been total ince 9AM.
> 3G internet is completely Down on the 2 GSM operators networks.
> Broad band internet (ADSL) was working one ISP's network but the bigger
> ISP's network is still down.
> Until nos, the black Out is ongoing.
> We are actively working on a communique with the help of ISoc Afric Bureau.
> Kindly join us spread the information to put pressure on Togo authorities
> in order to restore the Internet.
> thanks,
> Norbert Komlan GLAKPE
> President/Chair Man, Internet Society Togo
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