[AFRI-Discuss] Internet Society Togo's Communiqué on the Internet Shut Down in TOGO

Norbert Komlan GLAKPE norbertglakpe at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 13:44:01 UTC 2017

Dear All,
The Internet Shut Down is still ongoing in Togo.
Today, around 10:30 UTC, the SMS service has been blocked on all mobiles
This means, no SMS communication, but also no MobileMoney transaction.
Kindly make this situation known of the hole world by sharing the  Internet
Society Togo's communiqué published on the chapter's web site:

Norbert Komlan GLAKPE
President/Chair, Internet Society Togo

2017-09-06 20:43 GMT+00:00 Norbert Komlan GLAKPE <norbertglakpe at gmail.com>:

> ​Dear All,
> I apologize for cross posting.
> We are experiencing internet shut down in Togo since this Morning.
> Social Media was fluctuating since yesterday morning according to many
> users.
> But the black out has been total ince 9AM.
> 3G internet is completely Down on the 2 GSM operators networks.
> Broad band internet (ADSL) was working one ISP's network but the bigger
> ISP's network is still down.
> Until nos, the black Out is ongoing.
> We are actively working on a communique with the help of ISoc Afric Bureau.
> Kindly join us spread the information to put pressure on Togo authorities
> in order to restore the Internet.
> thanks,
> ​​
> Norbert Komlan GLAKPE
> President/Chair Man, Internet Society Togo
> [image: Images intégrées 1]​
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