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Dear Pastor Peters,

Thanks for your mail, as you are a member of the ROP working group, It may
be good for this to be put on our agenda at the next meeting (a suggestion
to the Chair). That said, a few comments on this proposal:

1. Currently the AFRALO offices are term limited and that is 2 terms. I do
think that is reasonably appropriate.

2. AFRALO rep to NOMCOM has a 2 terms limit and I also do think that is
fine as well.

3. The ALAC seat isn't term limited and as ALAC operates on it's own rule.
I am not sure we can limit it at RALO level. Nevertheless it's something
worth considering a work around on. I certainly think 2 terms limit may be
appropriate as well.

4. Membership in any CCWG or WG lifetime is dependent on the specific
charter of the group and I certainly do not think this should be restricted
by any means.

I also do not think any past officer should be denied access to be
nominated for other offices different from the one he/she is term limited
on. We should leave it to the ALSes to determine who they want to serve and
represent them in the various positions.

Overall it was nice meeting you and other ALS reps in Jobourg and I do like
to request that we keep the interactions going online for both
administrative and ICANN policy issues.

Wishing you all a safe trip back home.


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> Dear Silvia,
> Hope this meets you well?
> Please help to have this document circulated to the ALAC-REGIONAL LEADERS
> Mailing list for their information.
> I hope this will equally generate interest for discussion as there appears
> to be a common trend amongst all the leaders at the Regional Levels to
> perpetuate themselves in office and representations in ICANN to the
> disadvantage of the whole group. We shall continue to have this discussed
> and debated in AFRALO to move it forward.
> Thanking you for your assistance
> Best
> Pastor Peters Osawaru OMORAGBON, Treasurer, Central Association of
> Nigerians in the UK-CANUK Executive President/CEO-Nurses Across the Borders
> Inc.(USA & NIGERIA) President, Diaspora Nurses Association of Nigeria-
> DNAN   International Liaison Officer, Nigerian Nurses Charitable
> Association-UK (NNCA-UK General Secretary, Civil Society Network on Climate
> Change in Nigeria    Fellow-Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
> Numbers- ICANNFellow-Open Society Institute, BudapestDesignated Focal
> Person-United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change- UNFCCC in
> NigeriaBoard Member, Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with
> the UN- CONGO Member, Steering Committee, Regional Committee for
> Africa-Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the UN-
> CONGOTel: +441438729726 <01438%20729726>, +234-8052658024
> <+234%20805%20265%208024>,Email: nursesacrosstheborders at yahoo.com,
> petersomoragbon2 at yahoo.co.uk, www.nursesacrosstheborders.org
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