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Hello Pastor Peters,

Just to clarify, the rights of individual membership does not extend to
voting and serving in AFRALO leadership position. Only ALSes have rights
for that.
The URL earlier shared by the Chair contains the rights of individual. I am
pasting it below for easy access:


I also like to state categorically that this isn't a coup in any way.
Anyone who has been following the AtLarge review developments knows that
individual membership was a requirement that ALL the 5 RALOs must
implement. Most importantly as well is that we as ALSes have nothing to
loose by including such membership especially considering how the rights
has been so minimally defined. (I actually hope that we look at adding more
rights to them in future when next we review it in 2019).

As to the votes, while I have no problem with voting, we work by consensus
as much as possible hence considering this is not a highly contentious
issue(should not be and am surprised with how Pastor Peters have taken it),
I think the Chair made a good decision by doing a consensus check instead.

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On Jul 16, 2017 11:14 PM, "Peters Omoragbon" <petersomoragbon at gmail.com>

> Dear All,
> I believe it is right for us to be very conscientious in all our dealings
> for posterity.
> I suspect a form of collusion here and attempts by some vested powers to
> push the individual membership down the throats of AFRALO even when their
> values to AFRALO has yet to be fully explained and accepted by the GA.
> At the Conference call, did the house direct Mr. Aziz to call for a vote
> on this particular subject? If no, why would Mr. Aziz use his office to
> want to stampede us into taking a decision in a hurry?
> I have raised a fundamental issue that borders on legitimacy by asking the
> Chairman to inform the house where and when the ALAC took the decision
> giving us the ultimatum? Since when has ALAC been directing RALOS to adopt
> rules of procedures even when it is detrimental to the collective interest
> of the entire group?
> This is the game plan: The issue of tenure which has generated some level
> of interest amongst members may at the long run disadvantaged some members
> that have always occupied one position or the other in AFRALO and others
> who want to also copy and act in like manner. And their ALS may also not be
> ready to continue to support their representation at AFRALO as they may
> want to elect new officers.
> As a result, these same set of individuals wants to rush the Individual
> membership as a ploy to ensure their continued relevance and calling the
> shots in AFRALO through this medium. This is controlling AFRALO by proxy.
> I cherish experience in anything we do but I am opposed to the
> sit-tight-syndrome that has become the bane of African leaders in every
> ramification. Coupled with this is the Praise singers syndrome so as to
> curry favour of the Cabal within AFRALO. This cannot be allowed.
> We have to first agree to a vote before mandating the Chairman to call for
> same. It is not the Chairman nor any elected official that dictate to the
> House, it is the house that should ask the chairman.
> This call is premature, irrespective of the number of people that are
> rushing to support the proposal-which to me is premeditated.
> VOTE ON INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP? I want both the General Secretary and
> Chairman to as a matter responsibility answer my question. They are elected
> to respond to our queries. I demand answer with the same speed that you are
> all casting your votes now. So Mr. Aziz and Ms Kiden do respond to my
> question
> Posterity is always a good judge of all that we do now and thereafter.
> Thank you.
> *Pastor Peters Osawaru OMORAGBON*
> *-Financial Secretary, Central Association of Nigerians in the United
> Kingdom-CANUK*
> *-Executive President/CEO-Nurses Across the Borders-An NGO in Special
> Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United
> Nations-ECOSOC*
> *-Designated Contact Person-United Nations Framework Convention on Climate
> Change-UNFCCC*
> *-International Liaison Officer-Nigerian Nurses Charitable
> Association-NNCA-UK*
> *-Board Member-Conference of NGOS in Special Consultative Status with the
> United Nations-CONGO*
> *-Member Steering Committee Regional Committee for Africa-CONGO*
> *-General Secretary, Civil Society Network of NGOs on Climate Change*
> *-Fellow Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers-ICANN*
> *-Fellow Open Society Institute-Budapest*
> On 16 July 2017 at 22:19, Fatimata Seye Sylla <fsylla at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I hereby support the individual membership as stipulated in the mentioned
>> recommendation.
>> Warm greetings,
>> Fatimata
>> Le 16 juillet 2017 à 20:04, Aziz Hilali <hilaliaziz at yahoo.fr> a écrit :
>>> <English>
>>> Dear Members,
>>> As per the information shared during our monthly call, It is been
>>> brought to our attention by the ALAC Chair that as per the first ALAC
>>> review requirements and the current At-Large Review (on-going)
>>> recommendations, the RALOs are tasked with ensuring individual membership.
>>> Therefore we need to get this particular item completed with.
>>> As you may recall during the General Assembly in Johannesburg, this
>>> particular recommendation of the working group gained traction but we could
>>> not formerly record it due to other recommendations and time constraints.
>>> In view of this, I suggest we separate this recommendation on individual
>>> membership which already gained traction and pass that now to comply with
>>> At-Large reviews requirements.
>>> For reference, below is the link to the latest version of the
>>> "Individual Membership » recommendation distributed in Johannesburg:
>>> https://community.icann.org/display/AFRALO/Individual+Member
>>> ship+-+AFRALO+ROP+Review
>>> Item 7 of the recommendation currently reads as follows:
>>> The individual membership issue will be reviewed in 2019 to reconsider
>>> their rights and duties of unaffiliated members in light of the 2018
>>> experience.
>>> I propose to modify it in this way:
>>> "The individual membership issue will be reviewed by or before 2 years
>>> after implementation to reconsider the rights and duties of unaffiliated
>>> members in light of experience gained during initial trial"
>>> I hereby, as AFRALO Chair, call for any objection to approving the
>>> conditions under which individual membership will be implemented as
>>> presented in the above recommendation.
>>> Kindly provide your response within 72hrs
>>> Best regards
>>> Aziz HILALI
>>> AFRALO Chair
>>> ---------------------------
>>> <French>
>>> Chers membres,
>>> D'après les informations partagées lors de notre téléconférence
>>> mensuelle, le président de l’ALAC a attiré notre attention sur le fait que
>>> les RALO sont appelés à accepter les adhésions individuelles, et ce suivant
>>> les exigences de la première revue de l’ALAC et les recommandations de la
>>> revue actuelle d’At-Large, Par conséquent, nous devons finir ce point
>>> particulier sans plus tarder.
>>> Comme vous le savez, lors de l’assemblée Générale à Johannesburg, cette
>>> recommandation du groupe de travail a été approuvée, mais nous n’avions pas
>>> pu l’officialiser à cause du fait que toutes les recommandations étaient
>>> dans un même document et que le temps ne nous a pas permis de les finir
>>> toutes. Pour cela, je suggère que nous séparons cette recommandation sur
>>> l’adhésion individuelle pour se conformer avec les exigence des revues
>>> d’At-Large.
>>> Pour référence, voici le lien de la toute dernière version distribuée à
>>> Johannesburg de la recommandation relative à l’adhésion individuelle:
>>> https://community.icann.org/display/AFRALO/Individual+Member
>>> ship+-+AFRALO+ROP+Review
>>> Le point 7 de la recommandation dit:
>>> La question des droits et devoirs des membres individuels sera
>>> réexaminée en 2019 au vue de l’expérience de 2018.
>>> Je propose de le modifier pour devenir:
>>> «La question des droits et devoirs des membres individuels sera
>>> réexaminée 2 ans après la mise en oeuvre (ou avant) au vue de l’expérience
>>> de la période d’essai».
>>> En ma qualité de Président d’AFRALO, je demande s’il y a des objections
>>> pour l’approbation des conditions sous lesquelles l’adhésion individuelle
>>> sera appliquée comme présenté dans la recommandation mentionnée.
>>> Prière répondre dans les 72 heures.
>>> Cordialement
>>> Aziz Hilali
>>> AFRALO Chair
>> --
>> Fatimata Seye Sylla
>> ICT4D, Education & Genre
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