[AFRI-Discuss] At-Large Review Agenda Item- Nick Thorne contact information

Silvia Vivanco silvia.vivanco at icann.org
Wed Sep 7 17:03:35 UTC 2016

Dear AFRALO members,

We would like to inform you that Nick Thorne, one of the ITEMS team member carrying out the At-Large Review, will be speaking in today's  AFRALO monthly meeting<https://community.icann.org/display/AFRALO/2016-09-07+AFRALO+Monthly+Teleconference>.

While the Review Team will be sending out a more detailed survey, anyone who wished to connect directly to Nick Thorne should feel free to do so through an address he has set up for that purpose nicktny at gmail.com<mailto:nicktny at gmail.com>

Thank you!

Kind regards,


Silvia Vivanco
Manager, At Large Regional Affairs
ICANN | Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

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