[AFRI-Discuss] Announcement on IANA Stewardship Transition

Rinalia Abdul Rahim rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 07:04:26 UTC 2016

Dear Members of the At-Large Community,

*The IANA Stewardship Transition is Complete*

Today, on 1 October, the IANA functions contract between ICANN and NTIA
expired.  The expiration of the contract between ICANN and the United
States National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA),
to perform the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions, will
have no impact on end users of the Internet; they will not see any changes
or difference in their use of the Internet.

This historic moment marks the transition of the coordination and
management of the Internet’s unique identifiers to the private-sector, a
process that has been committed to and underway since 1998.

The ICANN Community, Board and staff as well as the larger Internet
community took on this challenge, over two and a half years, and succeeded.
Developing the transition proposals was unprecedented, and reflected the
multistakeholder community at work. Because of the hard work by
everyone, the ICANN organization is now a more accountable and transparent
body. There will be some small changes to how ICANN operates, but
its underlying goal is the same – to support the Community and ensure the
continued stable and secure operation of the DNS.

It has been a privilege to be a part of this process where
the multistakeholder model of Internet Governance demonstrated its power.
I wanted to take a moment to thank and congratulate all of you for
your hard work over the past two and a half years to get us to where we are

Best regards,

Rinalia Abdul Rahim

ICANN Board Director

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