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Dear Olivier & Alan,

the Inaugural Coordination Council of the NetMundial Initiative
(NMI/CC) held a f2f meeting in Madrid on 26th of February 2016,

Here are some considerations which might be of interest to EURALO and
ALAC members:
- The inaugural phase of NMI/CC will be completed by 30th June 2016,
after which it will enter its full operational phase (Phase 1).
- CGI.br offered to serve as the institutional home of NMI/CC, pending
final approval by the Board of CGI.br. The CC accepted this offer.
Going forward, other partners will be sought.
- The CC is to be replaced by a lighter Multistakeholder structure,
and its composition will be open to a public comment period (dates to
be announced soon).
- The current open request for nominations to the Coordination Council
is withdrawn. Once the public consultation is complete, a new
nomination process will begin.

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