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Dear friends, colleagues
The African Civil Society
on the Information Society, ACSIS is very happy to inform you that through a
democratic and transparent process it has decided to endorse the candidatures of:
M. Adé Bada, Secretary General IGF Benin / ACSIS Western Africa Coordinator
M. Remmy Nweke, Lead Strategist/Group Executive
On behalf of ACSIS, I
request your support for the endorsement of their candidature to the IGF MAG16.
Below you will find their expression of interest.
ACSIS is the unique Africa
not for profit Plaform of organizations (more than 100 organizations and
platforms made of Africa Civil Society concerns on Information Society). We hope
that the diversity of regions and representativity of the candidates will be
taken into account in the final selection process.
ACSIS is very happy with
IGF mandate extension. ACSIS is also very grateful and thankful for your
efforts in maintain the AFRICANN discussion list (an excellent tool for us to communicate
and debate)
We would be happy to see
the language matter and geographical representativeness to be dealt with. We are at
your disposal in order to play a more prominent role on behalf of African Civil
Society and for the Benefit of Africa and African communities
Best regards
Cissé Kane, PhD
Chers amis, collègues
La Société Civile Africaine sur la Société de l’Information ACSIS-SCASI est
très heureuse de vous informer suite à une sélection démocratique et
transparente, elle endosse la candidature de :
 M. Adé Bada, Secrétaire Général IGF Benin / Coordinateur
ACSIS Afrique de l’Ouest  
M. Remmy Nweke, Lead Strategist/Group Executive
Au d’ACSIS nous sollicitons votre soutien pour endosser leur candidature
pour le MAG 2016 (voir leur expression d’Intérêt plus bas)
ACSIS est l’unique plateforme continentale de la SCA sans but lucratif
(plus de 100 organisations et plateformes d’organisations) qui lutte pour les
intérêts de l’Afrique dans le domaine des TIC. Nous espérons que la diversité
des régions et la représentativité des candidats sera prise en compte dans le
processus final de sélection.
Nous nous réjouissons du prolongement du mandat du FGI et vous
exprimons notre reconnaissance pour avoir maintenu cette mailing list qui est
un excellent espace de débat (Liste africann) .
Nous serions très heureux que les questions de langues et de
représentativité géographique soient davantage prises en compte et restons à
votre disposition pour jouer un rôle plus actif à vos côtés au nom de la SCA et
pour le bénéfice de l’Afrique et de la Société Civile Africaine
Meilleurs messages
Cissé Kane
Remmy Nweke
Dear Colleagues,
At the
novel convention of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) at the second phase of
the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia 2005, I was privileged to
be a delegate and ever since then, my concept of MultiStakeholderism was
ignited and has remained a motivating factor in most of my industry
contributions across the Internet ecosystem where I find myself relevant to
evident, this belief led to our first setting up an entity called DigitalSENSE
Africa Media, which today is an At-Large Structure (ALS) to serve as a vehicle
to drive home what multistakeholderism stands for, comprising inclusiveness
across growing access to the Internet, openness, privacy, security, diversity
and human elements among others.
at DigitalSENSE Africa Media, where I lead a team of Strategists, we have
consistently focused on developing initiatives that could engender and improve
understanding of key issues of importance to our immediate community, which
include but not limited to youth, students, women and community-based
association to convey Internet efficacy via enlightenment on how best to
increase usability positively, especially among the youths, who are furiously
targeted as part of efforts at 'catching them young' and engendering knowledge
via our DigitalSENSE Forum on Internet Governance for Development (IG4D) since
2009 and Nigeria IPv6 Roundtable from 2011, which are annual events organized
and hosted by my team and structured to serve multi-stakeholder needs.
At the
sub-regional level, I led a team that successfully organized and midwifed the
first-ever West African Internet Governance Forum (WAIGF) hosted by Nigeria in
Lagos in 2011.
On the
continent, I recognize the needs which may not be too different from scenario
in my home country, Nigeria, where several issues are increasingly seen as
problematic, moreso the issue of access and affordability, which will form my
agenda at MAG, hence, I have a pretty idea what the challenges are from this
part of the world from the African premise and having practiced in the
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the past 19 years and
adorned with several awards on Information Society via UNECA to attest these
Also in
Nigeria, DigitalSENSE Africa effort at building multistakeholderism gave rise
to nurturing of what is today known as Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF)
of which I am equally serving as a member of the NIGF Local Multistakeholder
Advisory Group (LMAG), just as I served as a member of the Civil Society
Selection Group for the just concluded WSIS+10 Stakeholder Selection Committee
for the United Nations President of the General Assembly, among others.
I holds a
Master of Arts degree from the University of Malta on Contemporary Diplomacy,
aside having a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mass Communication (Journalism)
as well as Ordinary National Diploma from the Institute of Journalism &
Management, Enugu, Enugu State-Nigeria, among other certification in Computer
Studies and Online Journalism and Management from the German International
Institute for Journalism (IIJ) Berlin. I am the author of "A Decade of ICT
Reportage ... The Award-winning series in addition to having Diploma from Diplo
Foundation since 2005 on Internet Governance Capacity Building, and completed a
certification course on Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy by The
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to name but a few.
Lately, I
served as an elected Executive board member, Nigeria Internet Registration
Association (NIRA), the managers of .NG country code Top Level Domain and
extended by services to several committees including Communications and
Publicity, Accreditation, Finance and Establishment, as well as a member of the
African Civil Society on the Information Society (ACSIS), branch Secretary,
Cyber Security Expert Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) and former publicity
secretary, Nigeria Internet Group (NIG) cum chairman, International Relations
of NIG; pioneer Secretary, ICT Media Initiative; BARK Foundation – a
knowledge-base advocacy group; Internet Governance Caucus (IGC), to name a few.
I am an
active individual member of ICANN's Generic Name Supporting Organisations
(GNSO) like Non-Commercial Users Stakeholder Group (NCSG) and Non-Commercial
Users Constituency (NCUC) respectively and has been in forefront of
all-inclusive diversity advocacy and recently served as one of the by-lawyers
to review the guidelines of NCUC, among others. In addition, I am a consistent
member of At-Large Advisory Committee of ICANN under AFRALO - African Regional
At-Large Organisation; member of the ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and
Engagement and would like to bring these experiences to bear in the contributions
and participation if given the chance to serve at the Internet Governance Forum
Multistakeholder Advisory Group (IGF-MAG) for a better netizen-driven society
by leveraging on the efforts of past MAG members.
I will
appreciate consideration of my request to serve. 
Remmy Nweke
Adé Bada
promoter and advocate of Pan-Africanism, Adé BADA is a keen believer of ICT and
everything that relates to information. He gained expertise on issues related
to ICT through solid training and experience, from design, development,
implementation of computer networks and from  the training of users of all
levels. He had the opportunity to rub shoulders with other IT professionals on
the continent and develop master plans of several institutions before turning
to the right and get a master's degree. The transverse side of the computer
allowed him to focus on logistics in humanitarian and acquire a solid
experience of more than ten years there before making a master's in project management.
Currently coordinator of the ACSIS West Africa he exercises his talents
in  banking while continuing IT and legal consultations. He is also
Secretary fgi Benin. Your humble servant, has a great capacity for adaptation
and integration in addition to several years of satisfying experience.
my candidature, your questions and suggestions are expected.
Ardent promoteur et
défenseur du panafricanisme, Adé BADA est un féru des TICs et de tout ce qui a
rapport à l'information. Il a acquis une expertise des questions liées aux TICs
à travers une solide formation et expérience, allant de la conception,
l'élaboration et de la mise en place des réseaux informatiques à la formation
des utilisateurs de tout niveau. Il a eu l'opportunité de se frotter à d'autres
informaticiens sur le continent et d'élaborer les schémas directeurs de
plusieurs institutions avant de s'intéresser au droit et d'obtenir une maîtrise.
Le côté transversal de l'informatique lui a permis de s'intéresser à la
logistique dans l'humanitaire et d'y acquérir une solide expérience de plus
d'une dizaine d'années avant de faire un master en gestion des projets.
Actuellement, coordinateur ACSIS de l'Afrique de l'Ouest il exerce ses talents
en banque tout en continuant les consultations IT et juridiques et aussi je
suis secrétaire FGI Bénin. Votre humble serviteur, a une grande capacité
d'adaptation et d'intégration en plus de plusieurs années d'expérience.
Je compte sur votre
soutient et suis ouvert à toutes les questions et suggestions. Merci 
Adé Bada
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