[AFRI-Discuss] Call for a theme for the Joint AFRALO/AfrICANN Meeting at ICANN 54 Dublin

Daniel Nanghaka daniel.nanghaka at isoc.ug
Mon Sep 14 05:23:58 UTC 2015

Thanks Aziz for raising the question for the theme of the AFRALO / AfrICANN

@Remmy I like you suggestion in regards to AFRALO Outreach as this will
enhance the creation of the Outreach and Engagement in AFRALO.

@Jabera, It is exciting that this is an incite that is coming direct from
East Africa but it does not affect East Africa as a whole. Have you looked
at the AFRALO Outreach and Engagement Strategy FY16, I would like to call
for your input into the strategy.


To get back to the suggestion, I suggesting that the theme of the meeting
should be "Enhancing Outreach and Engagement in AFRALO"


Daniel Nanghaka
AFRALO Co-Chair - ICANN Outreach and Engagement SC
ISOC Uganda Chapter
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On 13 September 2015 at 01:37, Remmy Nweke <remmyn at gmail.com> wrote:

> Acknowledged
> Can we look at "Afralo outreach the journey so far" to enable self
> appraisal in the last one year of all the efforts.
> Just me
> Remmy Nweke
> @ITRealms
> Courtesy ITRealms Windows Phone
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> From: Aziz Hilali <hilaliaziz at yahoo.fr>
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> Subject: [AFRI-Discuss] Call for a theme for the Joint AFRALO/AfrICANN
> Meeting at ICANN 54 Dublin
> [English]
> Dear all,
> As we have done during the previous ICANN meetings, we will be holding a
> joint AFRALO/AfrICANN meeting to discuss issues or subjects of interest to
> our region at the scheduled ICANN 54 meeting in Dublin, which takes place
> from 18-22 October 2015.
> The purpose of this message therefore is to ask you to please, suggest a
> theme you think would be the most pertinent in this regard. We are also
> looking forward for presentation of a “joint statement” to the attention of
> ICANN at the end of this meeting. We would appreciate your proposal being
> sent within a week (before 26 September 2015).
> Please note that beyond a week, if we do not receive any proposal; the
> leadership of AFRALO will constitute a drafting committee that will decide
> the theme and propose to the Community a draft statement to ICANN. This
> statement will be discussed at the meeting in Dublin.
> The subject chosen should be relevant to the interest of two
> organizations: AfrICANN and AFRALO. It should be noted that the interest of
> this tradition is to express the point of view of the African ICANN
> community on current issues of interest to the ICANN community.
> Best Regards
> Aziz Hilali
> AFRALO Chair
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [French]
> Chers tous,
> Comme nous l'avons fait au cours des précédentes réunions de l'ICANN, nous
> allons organiser à Dublin la réunion conjointe AFRALO/AfrICANN pour
> débattre d’une question ou d’un sujet d'intérêt pour notre région.
> Le but de ce message est de vous demander de bien vouloir proposer un
> thème que vous pensez être le plus pertinent à cet égard. Cette réunion
> aboutira à la présentation d'une “déclaration commune” à l’attention de
> l'ICANN.
> Nous apprécierions que la proposition de thème soit envoyée dans une
> semaine (avant le 26 Septembre 2015).
> Veuillez noter qu'au-delà d'une semaine, si nous ne recevons pas de
> proposition; la direction d’AFRALO constituera un comité de rédaction qui
> décidera du thème et proposera à la Communauté un projet de déclaration à
> l’intention de  l'ICANN. Cette déclaration sera discutée à la réunion à
>  Dublin.
> Le sujet choisi devra avoir l’approbation des deux listes AfrICANN et
> Afralo. Il est à noter que l'intérêt de cette tradition est d'exprimer le
> point de vue de la communauté africaine de l'ICANN sur les questions
> d'actualité et d'intérêt pour la communauté de l'ICANN.
> Cordialement
> Aziz Hilali
> Président d'AFRALO
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