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While this is not atlarge related, I think it could be of interest. So if
you are interested kindly contact Farzaneh at farzaneh.badii at gmail.com


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Subject: [fellowships-alumni] Working Party on Visa Issues
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Dear Fellows,

In light of the visa problems we often face to attend ICANN meetings, I
think forming a working party on visas that includes members of all the
stakeholder groups would be helpful. In order to discuss things further and
provide constructive feedback for ICANN, I invite you to join me in this
effort. If you would like to join, email me separately off the list.

We will start by : drafting the preliminary objective of the working party,
milestones and methods to achieve our goal which is : remove the visa
obstacles for attending ICANN meetings.

I think we should gather all sort of experiences and challenges with
obtaining visa: having to travel to another city, another country, the high
cost that has to be born by ICANN, the high emotional cost that has to be
born by  the applicants and ICANN staff that deal with travel arrangements
and other things. Which visa processes have been the easiest, which have
been the hardest and what were the potential reasons. We are looking for

Best regards,


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