[AFRI-Discuss] Icann 50 Remote hub

ngnoulaye at isoc-cameroon.org ngnoulaye at isoc-cameroon.org
Tue Jul 1 11:05:16 UTC 2014

Hi to All,
Just to share some pictures with you, relating the ICANN 50 Remote Hub,
hosted by the ISOC Cameroon Chapter(ICANN ALS member), to bring the local
community to understand the issues discussed  in London as if they were in
face to face in London. One successful achievement of the Chapter. Thank
for the ISOC's sponsorship.
The link to the pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125809838@N08/

Warm regards,

/Janvier Ngnoulaye, PhD.
Chair, ISOC Cameroon chapter
info at isoc.cameroon.org

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