[AFRI-Discuss] Request for Comments on New ALS Application received for AFRALO

Philip Fomba JOHNSON johnsonpf1 at gmail.com
Thu May 22 12:47:55 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues,

AFRALO has received an ALS application for “Open Source Software Foundation
for Africa (OFSON, based in Abuja, Nigeria” seeking Accreditation as an
At-Large Structure (ALS) and Membership to AFRALO.

We kindly ask you to provide us with your advice and comments on this
application. You will find attached the Application for "At-Large
Structure" (ALS) of “Open Source Software Foundation for Africa (OFSON).

Best Regards

Philip F Johnson



Chers collègues,

 AFRALO a reçu une demande de l'ALS pour «Open Source Software Foundation
for Africa (OFSON). » pour l'accréditation d'un Structure(ALS) d'
”At-Large” et un membre d’ AFRALO.

Nous vous prions de nous communiquer votre avis sur cette demande. Vous
trouverez ci-joint la demande de "At-Large Structure" (ALS) de «Open Source
Software Foundation for Africa (OFSON).

Mes salutations

 Philip F Johnson

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