[AFRI-Discuss] [TF-AIDN] [At-Large] VOTE RESULTS: 2014 At-Large Board Director (Seat #15) Selection Process

Tarik Merghani tarik at isoc.sd
Sat Mar 29 18:47:39 UTC 2014

Congratulations Rinalia. ... Well done. .. Now we have member of TF-AIDN in the ICANN board. .. :-)

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Subject: Re: [TF-AIDN] [At-Large] VOTE RESULTS: 2014 At-Large Board Director (Seat #15) Selection Process 
From: Rinalia Abdul Rahim <rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com> 
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Dear Colleagues, 

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all members of the At-Large community, the Electorate, the Board Candidate Evaluation Committee, the Board Member Selection Process Committee, the ICANN community and staff.

I am honored to have been selected as an ICANN Board Director by the At-Large Community of individual Internet users around the world. The support and encouragement given to me across all regions have been overwhelming and I am deeply touched by the trust and confidence that the community has bestowed upon me.

Your trust will guide me during my term as an ICANN Board director and I am very much looking forward to continue engaging with you in the years to come.

Best regards,

Rinalia Abdul Rahim

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