[AFRI-Discuss] [lac-discuss-es] Feliz Navidad y gracias!

Alberto Soto asoto at ibero-americano.org
Mon Dec 30 21:35:17 UTC 2013

Estimado Olivier, coincido totalmente con Carlton. ALAC ha progresado
muchísimo; cuando una entidad progresa de esa forma, es que está muy bien

Intentaremos redoblar nuestros esfuerzos de colaboración y participación.

Que todos tengamos un excelente  2014, personal y profesional.

Mis cordiales saludos

Alberto soto

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Asunto: Re: [lac-discuss-es] Feliz Navidad y gracias!

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 Asunto: Re: Feliz Navidad y gracias! 
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 Querido Olivier: 
 También hay que decir que el aviso de que se está recibida por el At-Large
en  Asuntos de ICANN es decididamente también un testimonio de la dirección
de la ALAC. 

 Por mi parte, quisiera dejar constancia de mi propio sentido del destacado
papel que 
 jugar en este desarrollo como Presidente - diplomático plomo y delegado en
 otras áreas de la ICANN. Suyo ha sido una tarea ardua, que tiene 
 aceptado y trabajado con una diligencia que hace que algunos de nosotros
preocupados por 
 su bienestar. 

 Take a bow. 


 Carlton Un Samuels 
 Móvil: 876-818-1799 
 * Estrategia, Planificación, Gobierno, Evaluación y Turnaround * 

 On Mon, 30 de diciembre 2013 a las 11:08 AM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond
<ocl at gih.com> escribió: 

> Dear members, staff, and friends,
> as we near the end of the calendar year, the traditional holiday season
> allows us to take a week where we can reflect on this year's past
> challenges and the ones we have ahead of us.
> Looking back at the year, I am really delighted with the advances this
> community has made. We now have active working groups with a very
> diverse membership. Some people take part in one or two working groups,
> or take part in regional activities, and they bring in the valuable
> diversity of input that is needed in a geographically balanced,
> bottom-up multi-stakeholder system. Others promote this community by
> performing outreach in fora outside of ICANN. Others work behind the
> scenes designing courses and capacity building for newcomers and for
> those members who are not yet taking an active part in this community.
> Some are very active in enhancing their RALO's capability at helping
> their members with understanding and taking part in ICANN processes.
> Some people are active in GNSO working groups. I could go on for a long
> time to explain all of the activities of this community. As ALAC Chair,
> I try to keep aware of all of the work that our members do for this
> community, but occasionally I am surprised by people who are taking part
> in an ICANN process but have not directly "advertised it" - such is the
> humbleness of some people in our community.
> When interacting with the Board and in other fora, I often receive
> congratulations from people who tell me that they are so pleased that
> At-Large has matured over the years. They are so pleased with the
> quality of the Statements that we draft and send to them. I tell them
> that this would not be possible without the great Team that I have on
> the ALAC and in the RALOs. So I wanted to thank you for the work you are
> doing as volunteers. It is truly inspirational to a lot of people in
> Next year is about to arrive and there are a lot more challenges coming
> up. Our work in Policy Development will continue to grow as we now need
> to expand our competencies beyond commenting on ICANN processes but also
> in Internet Governance as a whole and the defense of the
> multi-stakeholder model as practised in ICANN. I have concerns that a
> few people have done the majority of the work in "holding the pen" when
> drafting Statements - so I look forward to new volunteers adding to the
> list of writers. Remember, you could co-draft Statements and you do not
> need to be an ALAC member to be a pen-holder. Policy work is very
> important to improve ICANN as a whole and I am thankful that many in our
> community care enough to take the time to propose constructive comments
> to improve ICANN's processes.
> On Organisation building, there is a lot of ongoing work in Capacity
> Building. This is an integral part of building our community. Outreach
> brings more people and organisations in At-Large to share the workload
> among more people and to reach more parts of the world and more diverse
> communities. In-reach makes sure that our At-Large Structures are more
> actively involved. However, after three years as ALAC Chair, I am still
> not satisfied that we have done enough to help engage our At-Large
> Structures.
> Thankfully this year we will have the second ever At-Large Summit (ATLAS
> II) which will take place in London in June 2014. This is an opportunity
> for every At-Large Structure named delegate to experience an ICANN
> meeting but also to learn about the bottom-up multi-stakeholder process
> of governance. It is the opportunity for participants to meet face to
> face and discuss the challenges facing ICANN and this community. The
> Summit is being entirely prepared by At-Large Structures, for At-Large
> Structures. It is vital that our Capacity building programs continue to
> expand since without knowledge, it would be impossible for At-Large
> Structure representatives to engage more in policy work. Capacity
> building is the first step to involvement of Internet end users at all
> levels of policy - please make sure you make use of the ATLAS II
> opportunity to enhance your knowledge!
> With efforts on the way to make ICANN more accountable after the end of
> the second round of Accountability & Transparency Review (ATRT 2), it is
> also important to recognise that our community is taking steps to make
> the ALAC and At-Large more accountable. Whilst I am delighted to see a
> significant number of organizations having signed up as At-Large
> Structures, it is equally as important for our RALOs to check on the
> existence of their members and to report back to the ALAC if an
> organisation's status has changed. Equally, ALAC members, selected by
> their RALOs and by the Nominating Committee, should be effective in
> their position. Non participation is to let down the community that has
> chosen them to assume this position and puts an unfair workload on other
> ALAC representatives from the region. As ALAC Chair, I am therefore
> delighted to see that our community is looking at Metrics to more easily
> identify matters which need to be improved. These are all small but
> significant steps to make our community more effective and more
> answerable to Internet end users and to therefore continue to improve
> its legitimacy when bringing input into the ICANN processes.
> Our bottom-up multi-stakeholder model is not perfect and still needs
> much improvement but it is a work in progress! I am proud to be able to
> work with you all in what I consider to be a cutting-edge experiment in
> bottom-up governance. I am proud that so many of us are actively trying
> to make the model work, to find its limits and shortfalls, but also to
> find its force and its opportunities. Some days, the model works beyond
> my expectations - what a great surprise! Some days it fails miserably
> and we are then able to learn from our mistakes. You are pioneers and
> just being able to work with all of you has been an immensely rich
> experience. It is so unique, I don't believe there is any other process
> like it out there.
> And for this, I thank you all, volunteers and staff, and I send you my
> Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and for the New Year 2014. Prepare
> for an exciting year. Prepare for a lot of work. Prepare for a lot of
> rewards. Expect the unexpected, but never give up.
> Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
> ALAC Chair
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