[AFRI-Discuss] [AfrICANN-discuss] Declaration of the joint meeting of African community (Buenos Aires)

Fatimata Seye Sylla fsylla at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 19:07:00 UTC 2013

Dear Ben,

On behalf of AFRALO, I would like to thank you for your valuable input
.  I agree with you on the importance of the Multi-stakeholder
Internet Governance issue being discussed and which momentum is
getting higher and higher within the ICANN community since Bali.  Yes,
it is important to participate in this discussion as a member of the
global community and the sooner the better.  However, the ICANN
meeting strategy being discussed for revision may consider organizing
future meetings outside Africa which would reduce African
participation.  One might argue that this is not important for us.
But, this theme has been chosen by AFRALO after three consecutive
monthly meetings.

I do think that we should take your suggested theme for a next meeting
and we would be happy to see you lead the discussions for the
preparation of the draft statement, soon after Buenos Aires.

Again, thank you and best regards,
Fatimata Seye Sylla

2013/11/17, Ben Fuller <abutiben at gmail.com>:
> My first response to this statement was "your kidding, aren't you?" Then I
> realised that this is not 1 April.
> Now I understand why in Durban both the ICANN VP of Stakeholder Engagement
> for Africa as well as the person charing this same meeting walked out while
> the AFRILAO-AfrICANN meeting was still going on. As long as inane and vapid
> statements such as this are put out by this group, then people will not pay
> any attention whatsoever.
> Look, ICANN as well as many other organisations, is involved in major
> debates about Internet governance. (I am not going to get into the details
> about this debate because the other day Pierre posted a link to a very good
> article about them) The results of these discussions may have major impacts
> on ICANN and its constituents -- including the people on this list. ICANN
> has started a number of useful and interesting initiatives to promote the
> Multi Stakeholder Model in Internet governance. This is a model with
> particular relevance to Africa, because our continent will see major
> Internet growth in the next 10 to 15 years. We should be discussing the
> ways in which we as Africans can promote Internet growth and the ICANN led
> Multi Stakeholder Model first within our respective communities, second
> within our countries and third across the continent.
> Statements such as the "extensively debated" comments about meeting
> strategy do nothing to promote the development of our continent. Perhaps
> there is a reason why people interested in African Internet development
> either do not attend, or walk out of the meetings. By the way, can someone
> point me to the "extensive debate" that took place. Unless there is a bug
> in the list mailer, I neither saw nor participated in the debate. Perhaps
> there is an alternative list? How does one subscribe if the alternative
> list exists?
> When are we getting serious about Internet development and governance?
> Ben
> 2013/11/17 Aziz Hilali <hilaliaziz at yahoo.fr>
>> Français ci-dessous
>> ------------------------
>> Dear all,
>> Following the email of November 9 on the AFRALO / AfrICANN joint meeting
>> to be held on "the news strategy of ICANN meetings", we are pleased to
>> send
>> you the draft statement (French and English)of  the joint AFRALO–AfrICANN
>> meeting due to take place in BA on Wednesday, 20 November (14:00 – 15:30)
>> in the Golden Horn Room.
>> Would you please provide your comments on this draft, to allow us to
>> include them before printing the final version and then distribute it to
>> the participants in the meeting for discussion, modification if any and
>> adoption.
>> ---------------------------------------
>> Chers tous,
>> Suite à notre email du 9 Novembre sur la réunion conjointe
>> qui se tiendrasur le thème "la stratégie des nouvelles deréunions de
>> l'ICANN", nous avons le plaisir de vous faire parvenirle projet de
>> déclaration(français et anglais) de la réunioncon jointe AFRALO-AfrICANN
>> qui aura lieu à BA, le mercredi 20 Novembre(14h00-15h30) dans la salle
>> Golden Horn Room.
>> Je vous prie de donner vos remarques sur ce projet  pour que l’on puisse
>> les inclure avant d’imprimer la version finale et ensuite la distribuer
>> aux
>> participants à la réunion pour discussion, modification s’il y a lieu et
>> adoption.
>> Best Regards
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Fatimata Seye Sylla
ICT4D, Education & Genre

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